The mind can play strange tricks

The first thing you’re going to notice about this post is that the image is behind the “read more” button.  There’s a reason for that, and I’ll get into it momentarily.

ModBlog readers and BME members alike are very familiar with the human body.  Every day we see an image or hear a story about someone pushing their body to the extreme.  The surgical and hard galleries are a prime example of this.  It’s safe to say that the average ModBlog reader isn’t really the squeamish sort with it comes to modifications, which is why the majority of us have no problems looking at images of all sorts of mods.

The image you’ll see below would hardly be classified as an extreme image.  In fact it’s pretty tame compared to most of the “Guess what?” images that get posted (especially today’s), but what the image lacks in it’s overt graphic content, it makes up for it the viewer’s mind.

What I suppose I’m getting at here, is that no matter what images we see on a day to day basis, the mind can always come up with something that goes beyond the content of the image.  Often times the images on ModBlog are the “after” or “during” photos, where we get to see the process and the end result of the subject matter.  In the image below, we’re seeing what is potentially a “before” image.  It’s these images that the mind can have a field day with.  You can see the potential outcomes, and it is your mind that fills in the blanks.

Like the image I posted last week of a girl moments away from suspending, this image has captured a moment in which the anticipation can be felt.  The moment where you know something is about to happen, where you hold your breath and the adrenaline begins to flow.  That is precisely what this image says to me.  And while I look at images daily that would make a surgeon cringe, this is probably the first image I’ve come across that really made me put my mind in the place of the person who took the picture.  I was right there, in the moment, and my mind went into overdrive producing exactly the type of reaction one would have in a moment such as this.  I held my breath, and braced myself for what was about to happen.  Of course it didn’t, but in my mind it sure did.  Which of course made me want to share this with you, the ModBlog reader.

Now as you can probably assume by now, the image definitely has genitalia, so I’ve placed it behind a link so those of you browsing at work won’t get into too much trouble.  So without further ado, the image in question…


So as I said, the image itself is pretty tame compared to most ModBlog images, but the anonymous uploader has really captured a great moment in his frenum piercing play.  It’s interesting because I know in my mind that if it had been any other object placed in the piercing, I wouldn’t have thought twice about it.  With the scissors though, you can guess where my head (ha!) went.

What about you?  Does the image do for you what it did to me?  Or am I just a big wuss?

28 thoughts on “The mind can play strange tricks

  1. I’m guessing roughly 50% of the readership had a sort of “…. Eeefffffffffhh” reaction. Myself included.

    As you say, the image is pretty tame, as far as BME goes. But still. I felt it.

  2. Rob, could take a moment to commend you on the quality of your posts. It’s really good to see Modblog being updated a few times a day, and (no disrespect to the previous writers) with such well written and thoughtful content. Well done.

  3. I think this guy is pretty extreme, he’s just screaming for an infection with all the dirt on those scissors, not to mention his shirt. Living on the edge man! Living on the edge! LMAO

  4. i REALLY know what is going on in the head of the guy, the reason is: i ALREADY DID it, it hurst, for sure, but the felling after that is UNBELIAVEBLE AND AMAZING!

  5. Damn, yo. Those scissors are scary. Get some xylocaine, a 27ga .5cc syringe, some mosquito hemos, a #11 scalpel, sterile gauze and some betadine; do it right! (Or safely, please.)

  6. Do the whole thing and be done with it. You’re right there……so close to not breeding….

  7. The picture didnt make me cringe. It made me “wow”. Made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Made my mind run-a-muck.
    Thanks rob.

  8. I cringe whenever I see things like this, but I can still appreciate them, while cringing.

  9. Did he actually cut his flesh with those at all…? Just a thought, but is it possible that it’s a healed slot, or something, and he’s just taking a provocative picture.. (granted there might be after pics in the hard galleries–but I don’t have access)

  10. I REALLY want to see the after! Believe it or not, I’ve often thought of doing this myself. (And I have done absolutely NO body modification before!) Also, if someone knows what this procedure is called, please let me know!

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  12. i personally have my frenum stretched to a half inch… i have really contimplated removing that slat of flesh still forming this into a wearable piercing… i know the skin is irreplacable, but the skin inside the peircing is so sensitive… anyone who has removed the skin, please let me know if it is worth it….

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