I wanna do bad things with you

I’m 100% positive I’m not the only True Blood fan that reads ModBlog, as evidenced by the following photo uploaded by Gabriel Cece.  I just finished watching last Sunday’s episode when I saw this image had been uploaded to the fantasy tattoo galleries, and I immediately had the urge to re-watch the entire series from the beginning all over again.


I have a feeling that the comments section will probably be filled with comments about the show, so while I can ask that nobody posts spoilers from the most recent episode, I can’t guarantee it won’t happen.  So consider yourself warned.

To those of us who have also read the books, what are your thoughts on the differences between them and the TV series?

13 thoughts on “I wanna do bad things with you

  1. I think that it is being portrayed very nicely. the parts that are different, are usually a means of further character development for the cast. like bill’s maker going for the kill etc. I like it. and I am glad the fairies are starting to come out and play. I haven’t seen this last episode yet, but I am sure it will be epic

  2. Have been wondering who the artist behind the music was, so thanks for the enlightenment.

  3. i dont hate books. but i dont read books. I read these books, all 12, couldnt stop, watched a few episodes of true blood here and there. No questions, hands down, bar none books trump the show by 617409576124%….sorry

  4. i love the show and ive started reading the books and im loving them just as much if not more. this tattoo is hot and awesome!

  5. i don’t understand why people insist on comparing books and movies/tv. would you compare a movie and a painting? a song and a plate of food? a hampster on a trampoline?

  6. Well, if the song is BASED ON the plate of food, then I probably would compare it. The food would win hands-down.

    Don’t like the tattoo, but I love the show. I’m glad they didn’t get rid of Lafayette.

  7. I LOVED the books and LOVE the series… I love the differences because it makes every episode extra exciting. This past Sunday’s episode was definitely one of my favourite episodes in the series so far.

  8. I kno the cat that has this tattoo, and the artist who did it, both out in VA and it’s amazing

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