Can get by with a little help from my friends

My favorite Aussie newsfeed submitter Botexty sent me in this story of a community pulling together to help someone close to them.


Mrs Hearnden suffered terrible injuries when she fell from a cliff in Dubrovnik, breaking both her arms, her jaw, hip and rupturing internal organs.  Her kidney and spleen were removed and she faces many more operations.  She and her husband, Gareth, were just a month into a five-month world tour when she fell 14m on to rocks last Monday.

This Friday, Tanya’s cousin and tattoo studio manager, Stacey Todd, has asked tattoo artists at 100 tattoo studios throughout the country to ask clients to donate the cost of a tattoo.  She has asked tattoo artists to contribute designs to a book, the online sale of which will help pay the family’s expenses.

I know, I’m a sucker for stories like this.  It’s a mix of knowing people are out there willing to help others, especially in today’s world, and seeing positive press about the modified community.  There are just way too many stories printed with a blatant bias towards modded people that it’s refreshing to see a story that doesn’t demonize us.

So help me out ModBlog readers.  Tell me a story of how you’ve seen good in the world stem from someone’s mods.  Or at least a story where you personally weren’t treated like crap because you choose to alter your body the way you see fit.

4 thoughts on “Can get by with a little help from my friends

  1. The Piercing Urge’s tattooist Ran Maclurkin is doing $50 tattoos to help raise money for them today!
    There are some other studios around also taking part such as Devil’s Ink.

  2. Doesn’t a healthcare insurance cover stuff like this? I don’t get it, can anyone explain to me why they have expenses?

  3. I believe the expenses are for the family, not Tanya – healthcare doesn’t cover your mum having to fly to another country to sit by your bedside.

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