How can you mend a broken heart?

First things first.  Take a minute to enjoy the Al Green.  Now think to yourself, how does one mend a broken heart.  The sarcastic ones out there will naturally say “bypass surgery”, but to anyone who has ever suffered having a broken heart, there is no one single answer.  Some people find solace in food.  Others in the company of friends and family.  A lot just need the passage of time to help heal their wounds.  But for a great many, music is the cure for their ails.  If you think about how many songs have been written about lost loves and heartbreak, you’ll spend months trying to finish the list.  I’m pretty sure the entire country music industry wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for heartbreak.

So when I saw this tattoo in the galleries I thought to myself, what music do I turn to when I’m down?  I couldn’t really pinpoint a single song, but I’m pretty sure it’s something loud and obnoxious.  For others, it could be a soft pop song from the 80s that John Hughes used in one of his films.  I’m sure those who enjoy country music have an ample supply.  The point is, everyone deals with heartbreak differently.  To mtpchick18, music is what helps her through a breakup.


What about you?  What music do you listen to when your heart is lying shattered on the floor?

19 thoughts on “How can you mend a broken heart?

  1. Rob, I love how your entries have a lot of text:D I used to miss that after Shannon stopped posting and then I forgot about it again, and now you’re here – to fill the empty gaps of ModBlog <3
    That was what I ment to post, but since you asked; when I’m ‘Down’ (not Under) I listen to different music. The chill and easy bands like Portishead and Seigmen are always classics, but RATM and other ‘angry-music’ is also great.

    Every type of music fits every type of situation. It all depends on how you interpet it 🙂

  2. Cold Play – and someone should play something inspiring for this lady to repaint the disaster that are her bedroom walls –

  3. I agree with the guy that said Dallas Green. His voice is so amazing and I can listen to him even when I am happy haha. Also I love Death Metal so thats always a plus for me.

  4. the albums stunt and Gordon by the barenaked ladies, absolutely beautiful albums and they rise and fall so it fits in as you start to recover too.

  5. Is that a Bouncing Souls tattoo? I always like seeing new takes on “their” images.

  6. I’m currently mending my broken heart by listening to Elliott Smith and The Villagers.

  7. never been much into the bouncing souls, but most definitley into music inspired ‘fuck love’ type tattoos.
    i turn to lucero and for break ups. and then The Bronx once i’m no longer sad and just pissed.

  8. having just been ejected from a 13 year long relationship, utterly unexpectedly, i find, pearl jams black, soothing, and atari teenage riot, raging…

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