Eat your heart out Q-Bert

There are days I really love writing for ModBlog.  This is one of those days.  The reason today?  Well, I’ll let the picture speak for me.


I woke up this morning to find this image, and MANY more like it uploaded by Vincent Hocquet from Beautiful Freak Tattoo in Belgium.

I know I posted an image of a geometric blackwork tattoo last week, but to have a flood of images like this hit the galleries isn’t something that happens every day.  One of the key features of these photos is they’re all obviously professionally done.  The images are crisp and clean, and really make the tattoos pop.

As for the tattoos themselves, the mixture of isometric designs combined with the natural elements (flowers, wings, etc) really works well in these pieces.  I’m reminded of one of my high school science classes where the teacher spent an entire class showing how math and nature are tied together.  Fibonacci sequences are present in animals and plants, complex geometric designs can be seen in micro-organisms, and I won’t even get started on crystal growth patterns.

It’s one of those things that really make you think about the world at large.  Did we as humans come up with these mathematical equations, then discover them in nature later on, or as a collective species, do we have some form of primal ties to the natural world, and came up with math based on a collective shared knowledge passed down through DNA.  So while flowers and animals have these equations hard coded into their DNA, and therefore evolved into the structures that we see today, do we as humans take a different approach to this same ingrained knowledge and express it through our math and science.

I suppose we’ll never really know for certain, but it is something to ponder while you’re procrastinating in your last few hours of work before the weekend.

8 thoughts on “Eat your heart out Q-Bert

  1. Some tattoos just make you look at your own and go “aaw fuck!”
    That is gorgeous!

  2. These tattoos reflect not only the math and science embodied in this planet, but the art that is represented and interpreted by man through these amazing geometrical shapes. It’s nice to see a modblog post like this!

  3. sick one. i like the juxtaposition of the flowers as well, they really tie the piece together conceptually. just as a sidenote, i personally don’t see any essential differences between humans and any other natural creation, suchas crystal growth patterns or flowers, except maybe that we humans are capable of the abstract reasoning necessary to create concepts of ourselves as “individuals” separate from the world around us.

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