I love your smile

I’ll admit I started today on a bit of a downer, thankfully Kajika came through with a picture that cheered me right up.

There’s something infectious about a genuine smile.  As adults we often get lost in the shuffle of our daily lives to sit back and just enjoy a moment of happiness.  To wash away the pressures of work, bills, and relationships, and just relax and smile.  Find something, anything, to just be happy about.   Now I’m not saying this is easy to do.  Hell, most days it’s a chore to get out of bed for some of us, but take a minute and try today.

Heck, just looking at this picture brightens my day.  Smiles can be extremely infectious.  Ask anyone who has spent any time around an infant lately.  The second that baby smiles the room can light right up.  I was at dinner with some friends last week and one of my friends brought his daughter.  Now while we were all enjoying ourselves, catching up with each other, this little girl was just enjoying her crayons.  Nobody really took notice of her until she saw my arm and decided that if someone else had drawn on it, why couldn’t she?  The grin she gave while drawing on me was huge.  As I looked around, I could see everyone at the table slowly notice what was happening and one by one, they all started grinning from ear to ear.  All because this little girl was having the time of her life drawing on her uncle Rob’s hand.

So, I’m going to try an experiment.  Take a look at Kajika’s picture, and let me know, did she make you smile?


In case you wondering, the piercing she’s sporting on her lip is a horizontal lip piercing.

Oh and you can thank me later for getting that song stuck in your head.

6 thoughts on “I love your smile

  1. as beautiful as it is when she is smiling I imagine it looks awkward when her lip is in a relaxed position and the jewelry is sticking out, or at least I assume it would be as the lip stretches when you smile.

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