Your face reminds me of a flower

Bees can learn to recognize human faces, or at least face-like patterns, a new study suggests.

Rather than specifically recognizing people, these nectar-feeding creatures view us as “strange flowers,” the researchers say. And while they might not be able to identify individual humans, they can learn to distinguish features that are arranged to look like faces.

I started today’s posts with a discussion on subtlety, and how over time a person’s mods become so much a part of them that they can forget they’re even present.

Now let’s look at the opposite side of the coin.  T-Man Tattoo recently uploaded this photo of a facial tattoo.


A number of things stood out to me about this image.  First and foremost, the colors are beautiful, they really pop, and the design fits her face really well.  The other thing that stood out to me, when put into context from my post earlier today, was that of a question.  Would this be the type of mod that someone could forget they have?  The reason I bring this up is that as a decision, facial tattoos are definitely up there on the list of major life choices.  While not to downplay any other modification and it’s significance, the facial tattoo has a long tradition as being culturally significant.  Cultures for centuries have been using facial tattoos for various reason, some for beauty, some for intimidation, and others for religion.  No matter the reason behind it, the facial tattoo is one of the mods that will alter others perceptions of you the most.  Of course what matters most is one’s own sense of self, and I’m not forgetting that at all.

To put it simply, it takes a brave person to really seize control of their body and alter it in any way.  It takes an even braver person to do it in a manner that bucks the current cultural trends, and taps back into those cultures that came before ours and paved the path for modifications as we know it.  Hopefully we will all be around to see a day when modifications of all kinds become as culturally acceptable as the ones that are accepted today.  I’ve said this countless times now, that modifications are less about showing off to others, but more for becoming who a person wants to be.  I’ll be the first to do the dance of joy the day people with visible modifications can walk down the street and nobody will even think twice about their appearance.

43 thoughts on “Your face reminds me of a flower

  1. I’ve heard about this girl. She’s claiming she went to this guy to get some 57 stars removed from her face, but there was a misunderstanding. She then fell asleep and when she woke up this tattoo was the result. You can still see a couple of the stars that are left..

  2. this photo is obviously photoshopped….and i doubt it looks this good in real life….stop lying to your customers with photoshop…american magazines would never post this

  3. Smurf777–thats a different girl. her stars go up onto her nose. and light blues dont cover black well…

  4. this girl is featured heavily on by the name of kitten – She claims to work in a pizza shop. There are videos of her getting the work done on their site.

    Looks amazing by the way!

  5. It reminds me of a;; that Lisa Frank stuff that was popular in the 90′s! Love the colors. A bit overwhelming on the face, but I like it!

  6. WOW! What a beautiful girl and awesome tattoo! It really irks me to think that this wonderful piece of art and self-expression could have a negative impact on her life. I’ll be right there with you Rob when you “do the dance of joy the day people with visible modifications can walk down the street and nobody will even think twice about their appearance”!!!

  7. @Kevin: I hate to break it to you, but I don’t photoshop any image I post. As for if it was ‘shopped before it was uploaded to BME, I honestly don’t think it was.

    If you look at the differences between the two images you can see in the first one the blurring of movement from a long exposure time. In the second image you can notice how the tattoo has moved with her facial features. If someone did photoshop this image, they put in a LOT of time and effort with a scary level of attention to detail. Also if you look at the stars close to her ear, it’s obvious they’re an older tattoo by the subtle fading/bleeding that can happen to facial tattoos.

    Plus as others have mentioned the girl has photos on multiple websites, and the tattoo artist that uploaded this image also uploaded one of him working on the piece. Which you can see here:

  8. Woah… that’s definitely a job preventive, but seriously pretty. I love the colours.

  9. In fact, the nickname of this girl is Kitten. She did the Tattoo for It is a porn website where you can see some girls having some weird tattoos and having sex just after.

    She just star two years ago with ten stars on the temples, and she did this huge tattoo one year ago. You can see a free trailer (without sex) for the stars at this adress :

    However, the photos where photoshoped by the guy who upload this. The colors are not shiny on the original photos, it is more insipid and pale. (but I love this tattoo).

  10. i find people funny, “mhmm this tattoo is really good, it must be fake and photoshoped” rather then the fact a fucking good tattoo artist did it LOL

    does look like the girl who “fell asleep” and ended up with a butt load of stars, but as already pointed out, lack of a stary nose, plus i dont think it lookas anything like her to begin with!

  11. @smurf777 : you’re stupid ! It’s not the same story… You should check some “facial tattoos” videos on Youtube, you’ll see it’s not the same girl. The girl you talk about is from Belgium, and this one (Kitten) is from America and she did it (for her) and for a porn website !

  12. But it must be that girl who fell asleep, you can see the stars on her face. If it’s NOT her it must be that Kat Von D chick.

  13. @smurf777 : As I explained before, she just had been tattooed with about ten stars on the temples two years ago… Nothing to do with the belgian girl…

  14. Looks really interesting. Definitely not my cup of tea and definitely not subtle but if she’s happy, what does it matter.

  15. @beans : sorry, my english level was not enough to understand that it was some humor…

  16. @ 21 / jimbob – if you were being funny,that’s fine.

    If you were serious, perhaps you should realize you’re comparing a photo of the fully healed tattoo w/ a photo of one when it was (presumably) freshly done. You can tell by all the ink smudged on her hairline and whatnot.

  17. @Christina : no, check the video on, and you’ll see that the colors are not the same. It the the video of kitten during all the tattoo session.

  18. I can’t say I enjoy the combination of stars, with a new school-ish flower, finger waves, a lil bit of filigree style lines, and some Japanese flowers.
    To me it looks pieced together and I’d cut the girl some slack if she wasn’t into porn, hehe.
    More power to her if she likes it but if I was going to get my face tattooed, I’d make sure it isn’t pieced together without flow like some 17 year old’s scratcher half sleeve with water added to create some sort of flow.

  19. I agree with eric. As a whole the piece seems like random flash just sort of thrown together.

  20. the photo IS ‘shopped. the background was taken out. i don’t think that this constitutes jumping to the conclusion that it’s fabricated.

    sigh. people.

  21. I was thinking about the first thing you said about forgetting you have a modification. I have a small hand tattoo and sometimes I catch a glimpse of it and it surprises me. Like I forgot that I had it for a second. Even tho it’s in a very visible spot. Idk how that happens, but it does.

  22. I’m happily surprised by the many positive replies about this young lady’s face tattoo ! On “MYFACETATTOOGIRLS” on YOU TUBE you can see how she is getting tattooed ! This is no fake ! I admire Kitten for her guts to go against society and its “fashion”.
    Beautiful is just that: Beautiful !
    And this pretty young lady had an extremely beautiful tattoo on he beautiful face ! I wish her luck and congratulate her ! I hope nobody will ever make her feel sorry for having this done ! I hope she will enjoy it for the rest of her life ! I, for one, enjoy looking at her !

  23. Oh. wow ! That is fantastic ! I wish I had the nerve tom have that done to my face !
    And I am amazed at the many positive reactions ! The world is changing its opinion, I think.
    I wish her well,

  24. Ever since I saw the video of t his girl “Kitten”, I have been considering having something like that done on my face too. I fascinates me. I too like nice bright colors. It is stunning and quite unusual. Don’t come preaching to ,e about job opportunities and getting old. I have considerd all that long before you.
    On of these day I’ll have it done. I am dating a nice guy who supports me and claims that the idea is a great turn-on.

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