Gotta catch’em all!

Raise your hand if you’ve heard of Pokemon.  Good.  Now if you’ve never seen the TV show, lower your hand.  Finally, if you’ve never played any of the games (card or video) lower your hand.  Those of you with your hands still up.  You should probably put them down, people will start staring at you wondering why there’s a crazy person starting at their computer with their hand in the air.

Now if you raised your hand at any point, congratulations, you’ve been exposed at some point in your life to the cultural phenomenon that’s been going on almost as long as that documentary about Allen has been in existence.  I think what is interesting to note at first, is that the first generation of kids that got into Pokemon are well into their 20s.  So it should come as no surprise that Pokemon related modifications are becoming more prevalent.

When it comes to a pop-culture related mod, a lot depends on context.  I know that if I had gotten say a River City Ransom or Clash at Demonhead tattoo 10 years ago, only people my age would have a clue as to what they were a reference to.  Now with films like Scott Pilgrim coming out (seriously, best movie I’ve seen in 10 years, go watch it) you have this resurgence of classic pop-culture being exposed to a generation that wasn’t even born before the N64 was released.  Now when it comes to Pokemon, you’re seeing a completely different type of generational culture attachment.  Pokemon is still going strong today.  We’re at a point with it where the kids who were part of the first wave of fans, are now sitting down with their own children to play the games.  For someone my age it’s hard to imagine that occurring for me.  While Pokemon is still popular with the young folk, the shows and games I grew up on are only getting a resurgence in popularity due to nostalgia.  Some may argue that the exposure is still present, and while it may be, the children of my generation will only be able to watch the shows and play the games we grew up on if we were able to hold on to our childhood possessions.  Granted, I personally thought ahead.  If I ever have a child, when they’re old enough to play video games, the first game they will play will be Super Mario Bros on my original NES.  When they want to watch a cartoon, I’ve got the full collections of GI JOE and Transformers sitting on a shelf waiting for them.  So yes, the exposure to these classic pop-culture icons will essentially be forced, it’s nice to know that with the digital age those younger than me can enjoy the games they played as a child with their children, at it will still be culturally relevant.

Now, seeing as how I may have exposed myself as a geek, let me distract you with a picture of one of those Pokemon fans that has grown up and gotten a scarification piece done of their favorite Pokemon, #38 Ninetails (I had to look that up).


So, those of you who raised your hands, what was your favorite Pokemon?

36 thoughts on “Gotta catch’em all!

  1. Cyndaquil has been my favorite since I saw it. <3 I’ve played every single pokemon game, and it’s hard to believe that it was so long ago that they first came out. :( I love the Ninetails scarification!

  2. What a beautiful scarification piece! Eevee was always my favourite from the t.v. show, but I’ve yet to play any of the Pokémon games!

  3. My favourite has gotta be Charizard. Though Ninetails is pretty cool too! This is an awesome scarification, I love it.

  4. I am getting an Arcanine tattoo as part of my next piece. Can’t wait. He’ll be doing battle on a motorcycle.

  5. My favourite pokemon to use in my team was always Charizard. My favourite pokemon aesthetically is Pidgeot, and I’m planning a tattoo piece featuring one in the near future! I quite like Dragonair as well though. I could still name the original 150 but I’d be hard pushed with all of the newer pokemon!

  6. I’ve been anticipating a pokemon post. There is nothing better than sitting down and playing pokemon blue til the batteries die on my gameboy. My favorite was gengar. I plan on getting a small tattoo somewhere to commemorate the games I played so much as a child and still play. I just got pokemon heartgold a month ago and I’m loving it!

  7. “a generation that wasn’t even born before the N64 was released.” Statements such as this blow my mind. It’s weird to think kids can’t remember the N64 coming out (I never got one because my parents wouldn’t let me, but I sure as hell wanted one).

    Also Ninetails is my favorite. I have a Vulpix sticker on my phone. :D

  8. I’ve always loved the Eeveelutions, and I plan on getting them, or a series of Pokeballs, or both, tattooed at some point.

    That’s a crazy awesome piece. I can’t wait to see it healed.

  9. Tbh when I saw this allot of memories came up again,i whas 12 when pokenon aired in Europe that’s about when I started collecting the cards aswell.I still have hundreds of those cards :p and I probably still have my 3 decks lying around somewhere nah pokemon got me to create a tight bond with my litle brother and it got me to meet my bestfriend with whom I still hang around with he’s 29 and I’m 24 hilarious shit,thinking back about what my aunt did for us 3 driving all over the country going to the playing card tournaments hell we even whent to Belgium and Germany for might sound really old but I miss those good old days.
    And to answer the question my favorite pokemon whould be scyther and I guess he still is.

  10. most definitely vulpix, which evolves into ninetails… It was one of the original 150 (or 151 if you count mew), i think i just thought it was the cutest little fox ever….

  11. EEK! I’m too old! (lol) They became popular when my kids were kids, so all I was ever exposed to was Pikachu, and I laughed it off. However, I love the imagery in the scarification. I’d love to see it healed

  12. I don’t know all these stuffs ; I played with GI-Joe, I watched Saint Seiya… F*ck I’m too old for that.

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  14. Wow, this is awesome. I’m not much a fan of modern scarification, but this is brilliant purely because I’m biased when it comes to pokemon. I’m in the middle of design a pokemon sleeve for one of my arms, and still in the middle of funding it.

    My fav pokemon would have to be Umbreon. First only dark type and just pure awesomeness!

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