Happy birthday to Phish!

I know it seems I make a lot of modblog post wishing friends of mine happy birthday.  However, this isn’t facebook, I don’t wish every friend of mine a happy birthday on modblog, only those whom have made a significant impact on this community.

I am blessed to be able to be friends with people who have made such significant impacts on the industry and/or the community. One of the greatest things about the body modification community for me, is people I once considered heros, I now consider friends.

Phish (no relation to the hippy band) is a perfect example of one of those people.

Phish has been a respected piercer for as long as I have been using the internet. When I first became aware of him he was working for HTC under Steve Haworth.  During the old days of BME’s QOD (now askbme.com) he was the only person aside from Steve I would confidently recommend for subdermal implants, this was years before I even knew who Brian Decker was to put things in perspective. When surface bars first came into use, Phish quickly became one of the most experienced and knowledgeable piercings. In issue 25 of The APP’s publication, The Point, Phish wrote what was (at the time) the definitive guide to surface piercing techniques. His sharing of knowledge in this article as well as in other ways has helped many piercers get a grasp of advanced piercing techniques.

After several years of piercing, Phis suffered from the inevitable piercer burn out. He took some time off to pursue a career as a bail bondsman, like Dog the Bounty Hunter but with better tattoos and less ridiculous hair. However, his passion for piercing never died and he has now found a happy balance between piercing the good guys and catching the bad guys.

So happy birthday Phish, here’s to many more years of doing quality piercings and whooping a  little criminal ass.

screen-shot-2010-08-19-at-75232-pmPhish with his 200th capture.

12 thoughts on “Happy birthday to Phish!

  1. Just out of curiosity, are you allowed to publish this photo without that guys consent?

  2. WTF with the freaking question Amanda??? Just wish the guy a happy bday and call it quits… cmon…

  3. ha ha good point amanda. props to responcible picture posting. lol. we all make boo boos <-bad spelling, no caps.

    i think it’s a lot more than the professionals that make a community what it is. i give a lot of respect to the firsts and those who created the community because without them it wouldn’t be there. however, without the little guy you don’t have any basis for the big guy so in relation you don’t have the industry pros without the clients interest. community means everyone no matter what level of involvement. even that guy or girl that’s just curious.

  4. Jeff’s birthday and the discussion is the rights of a criminal and a class struggle within the community? That sounds like Modblog alright.

    Happy birthday buddy!

  5. Boohoo….let’s not shame the criminal and post his picture.
    He had a bounty hunter wrangle him up for breaking the law and is in hand cuffs. Do
    you think somebody like this gives a rats ass about your rights? Why care about his?
    It’s no wonder that most crimes are perpetrated by repeat offenders when the get babied like that.
    The criminal should be glad, he’s on the front page here. “Look Mom, I’m famous.”

  6. My contempt for police makes him look like a sheep in pigs clothing. Police are mostly corrupt, and if the copper you talk to isn’t corrupt, that cops boss most certainly is. I have this bias that anyone who has tattoos like that has experienced some kind of conflict with authority, and probably despises the Police out of all gangs. He looks like an idiot. I call rebel tough guy bull shit.

  7. I didn’t even see that this was posted until today . Thanx Shawn for the birthday wishes and the kind words regarding my career . As far as the photo, Considering I took it and arrest records are public domain so I dont see why not . As far as “rebel tough guy bullshit” What can I say …I feed my kids .

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