Happy Birthday, Fakir!



In 1989 San Francisco publishers Vale and Juno released a book who’s impact on our subculture is still tangible 24 years later, shining a spotlight on a scene that up until then was mostly underground. Modern Primitives.

It’s interviews are incredible and varied with highlights including Don Ed Hardy, Manwoman, Anton LaVey, Raelyn Gallina and of course- Fakir Musafar.

Fakir was an early pioneer of ritual body modification who’s contributions go far beyond the limitations of the human body- his desire to document his experiments and share them with like minded people at a time where exposure could have cost him greatly produced some of the most iconic images the body modification scene has ever seen.

Today is his birthday and we here at Modblog would like to extend our good wishes for many more birthdays for Fakir as well as our thanks.

Happy birthday!

Photo C. Fakir Musafar

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Happy Birthday Jim Ward!


It’s impossible to think of the world of body piercing without thinking of Jim Ward. His contributions to our community are legendary; opening the first retail body piercing shop (Gauntlet) in the 1970s, editing and publishing the first piercing only magazine (PFIQ) and helping to form the APP, Ward has been one of the biggest driving forces in the popularization of piercing as more than just a sexual curiosity.

Today is Jim’s birthday. I was lucky enough to have been at the APP Conference Banquent a few years back to celebrate his birthday which is where the photo above originates. Ever the pioneer, Jim took the traditional birthday spanking and made it something much more…



Happy birthday Jim; you’re an inspiration to us all!
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The Friday Follow-up: Happy Birthday Brian!!

Since today is Brian Decker‘s birthday, and he’s one of the biggest contributors to The Friday Follow-up, this week’s post is just for him.

So from all of us here at BME… Happy Birthday Brian!

Oh and what the heck, here’s one of the scars he did back in November.  Hopefully it’ll remind him to send in more healed photos.

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Happy Birthday Jen!

If you’ve ever had to contact BME for any reason in the past 8 years, chances are you’ve talked to Jen.  Jen does everything, from moderating photo submissions to maintaining the BME411, all while tackling every single customer service issue that gets sent her way.  That [email protected] e-mail address?  That’s the direct line to Jen.  If you need something fixed, or have questions to ask, she’s the one to talk to.

On top of all that, she’s an incredible person and deserves every ounce of praise that comes her way.  She was the one who whipped me into shape when I first started up here, and she still sends me e-mails to keep me in line (not to mention convincing me to wake up at 6am to pick her up from the airport).

Happy Birthday Jen!  I hope you have a great day with all your family and friends!

Happy Birthday to The Piercing Urge!

Twenty years ago today in Melbourne, Australia a piercing and tattoo studio opened by the name The Piercing Urge.  Well in the past 20 years the studio has gone on to win numerous awards and become Melbourne’s premier destination for body modification.  Last year’s BME World Tour stopped by and the guys were generous enough to host us, as well as taking the time to sit down for some interviews.  We’ve already featured Matt Martyr’s interview, as well as Ran Maclurkin’s 1 hour tattoo.  In the coming weeks you can look forward to more interviews with Pete Sheringham and Ran.

And keep an eye on ModBlog for some new stuff from The Piercing Urge.  They just added two new artists, Aaron Lyons and Fred Bains, so expect some great stuff!

Speaking of beards…

Today is Rob’s birthday.  I taunt Rob a lot because, well, because I can.  He’s a pretty good sport about it and that’s a good thing because I really can’t seem to stop.  He’s a pretty good sport about a lot of things and no matter what you may think of his posts here on ModBlog, he certainly tries hard and we appreciate that.  Good for you Rob!  Happy birthday and enjoy your day!

Here’s a photo I took of Rob on New Year’s Eve.


Happy Birthday Sean!!

It was just over a year ago that I first started writing for ModBlog full time.  Those first few weeks were pretty rough, but with the help of this man, I pushed through and kept at it.  Over the past year he’s been there to pick up my slack when I’ve gotten sick, and he’s taken the extra time he has to put out some fantastic interviews.  So while we may not see much of him anymore, Sean is still part of the ModBlog team and is always working on something great for the readers.  So I’d like you all to take a minute to wish Mr. Sean Philips a very happy birthday.

Have a great birthday Sean, and as a wise man once said, “Keep on, keeping on.”