The Friday Follow-up: Happy Birthday Brian!!

Since today is Brian Decker‘s birthday, and he’s one of the biggest contributors to The Friday Follow-up, this week’s post is just for him.

So from all of us here at BME… Happy Birthday Brian!

Oh and what the heck, here’s one of the scars he did back in November.  Hopefully it’ll remind him to send in more healed photos.

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Happy Birthday to The Piercing Urge!

Twenty years ago today in Melbourne, Australia a piercing and tattoo studio opened by the name The Piercing Urge.  Well in the past 20 years the studio has gone on to win numerous awards and become Melbourne’s premier destination for body modification.  Last year’s BME World Tour stopped by and the guys were generous enough to host us, as well as taking the time to sit down for some interviews.  We’ve already featured Matt Martyr’s interview, as well as Ran Maclurkin’s 1 hour tattoo.  In the coming weeks you can look forward to more interviews with Pete Sheringham and Ran.

And keep an eye on ModBlog for some new stuff from The Piercing Urge.  They just added two new artists, Aaron Lyons and Fred Bains, so expect some great stuff!

Speaking of beards…

Today is Rob’s birthday.  I taunt Rob a lot because, well, because I can.  He’s a pretty good sport about it and that’s a good thing because I really can’t seem to stop.  He’s a pretty good sport about a lot of things and no matter what you may think of his posts here on ModBlog, he certainly tries hard and we appreciate that.  Good for you Rob!  Happy birthday and enjoy your day!

Here’s a photo I took of Rob on New Year’s Eve.


Happy Birthday Jen!!

Just taking some time today to wish BME’s own Jen a very happy birthday.  Jen has doing BME’s customer support since 2004, as well as keeping the rest of us in line.  She also single-handedly moderates the image queues, and generally keeps things running on a daily basis.

So take some time today and wish a happy birthday to one of the hardest working people I know.

Photo credit goes to the marvelous McShady

Now that’s a happy birthday!

Well when you’re friends with the Sinner Team, and your birthday rolls around, you know you’re going to be in for something special.

That young man up there is Serge, and he just turned 28.  So, in honor of his birthday he got to have a superman suspension, Sinner Team style.

Keep reading to see what happened next.

Well, seeing as how this was Serge’s 28th birthday, the Sinner Team threw 28 hooks into him, and suspended him for 28 minutes.

Of course, no birthday is complete without a birthday cake, so with 28 candles all lit and ready to go, Serge got to make a wish.

There are a lot more photos from the suspension, and you can check them out in the superman suspension gallery.

Happy Birthday Tom!

So here I am with another “Happy Birthday” modblog post for someone who has made a major impact on the piercing industry and the body modification as a whole, the person I consider to be the “smartest man in body piercing”, Tom Brazda.

If you are not familar with Tom Brazda, the BME Wiki entry on him is a good place to start.  I, myself, learned of him the first day I  logged onto the internet. On excruciatingly slow dial up via AOL, my first search was “body piercing”. That search of course lead me to BME and very shortly thereafter I found these interviews with Tom and I was just blown away. The techniques he was using and the knowledge he was sharing totally blew me away. It was at that moment I realized there was so much more to the science aspect of body piercing than I had ever learned through my apprenticeship nor through my own (pre-internet use) research. While those interviews seem dated today, they were WAY ahead of their time when they were first published.

Tom continues to share his knowledge in the various IAM body piercing forums and through personal contact with lots of members of this industry. So take a moment out of your day to wish this piercing pioneer a happy birthday, then jump on google or BME and search “Tom Brazda” to absorb all of the piercing knowledge he shared in the past.