Congratulations Rolf!!!

This morning Guinness announced some new world record holders and among them was none other than Rolf Buchholz.  Rolf now has the distinction of being the world record holder as The Most Pierced Man in the World.  With a grand total of 453 piercings (278 of them being genital piercings), Rolf piercings are extensive and impressive.  What the Guinness record people didn’t mention is that Rolf has been tracking all of his suspensions, and has taken a total of 998 hooks since his first suspension in 2004.  Last month at the Oslo Suscon, Rolf marked his 100th suspension with a 100pt superman.  Rolf is a wonderful member of the BME and Suspension communities and we at BME would like to congratulate Rolf on this distinct honor.

The Boy or The Car?

For some reason most car magazines seem to always have a girl in skimpy clothes splayed out on the hood of whatever car they’re featuring.  This naturally leads to the question of what do you like more, the girl or the car?  So, here’s a picture of Travis and a DeSoto.  Is it the pierced BMEBoy that tickles your fancy?  Or is it the classic car?

Happy birthday to Phish!

I know it seems I make a lot of modblog post wishing friends of mine happy birthday.  However, this isn’t facebook, I don’t wish every friend of mine a happy birthday on modblog, only those whom have made a significant impact on this community.

I am blessed to be able to be friends with people who have made such significant impacts on the industry and/or the community. One of the greatest things about the body modification community for me, is people I once considered heros, I now consider friends.

Phish (no relation to the hippy band) is a perfect example of one of those people.

Phish has been a respected piercer for as long as I have been using the internet. When I first became aware of him he was working for HTC under Steve Haworth.  During the old days of BME’s QOD (now he was the only person aside from Steve I would confidently recommend for subdermal implants, this was years before I even knew who Brian Decker was to put things in perspective. When surface bars first came into use, Phish quickly became one of the most experienced and knowledgeable piercings. In issue 25 of The APP’s publication, The Point, Phish wrote what was (at the time) the definitive guide to surface piercing techniques. His sharing of knowledge in this article as well as in other ways has helped many piercers get a grasp of advanced piercing techniques.

After several years of piercing, Phis suffered from the inevitable piercer burn out. He took some time off to pursue a career as a bail bondsman, like Dog the Bounty Hunter but with better tattoos and less ridiculous hair. However, his passion for piercing never died and he has now found a happy balance between piercing the good guys and catching the bad guys.

So happy birthday Phish, here’s to many more years of doing quality piercings and whooping a  little criminal ass.

screen-shot-2010-08-19-at-75232-pmPhish with his 200th capture.

On the road to Hana

I don’t remember exactly what day it was this week but Norm and I decided to drive from Kehei to Paia. Once we got there we thought we’d drive to the first roadside waterfall that we could find. At each waterfall we decided to go to the next one until we were finally in Hana. One blink and you could have missed the town entirely. We refilled the gas tank and decided to be adventurous and take the road that the maps said were dangerous. It ended up being an amazing one lane unpaved road heading the opposite way back around the island that we’d come from. I’ve been to Maui several times and had not taken the drive out to Hana. The scenery alone was worth the 3-4 hour drive. If you have a reason to come out to Hawaii, I suggest you do!


Norm was surprised to find that his septum was still at least a 00ga. Click through to see more photos from our trip and the rest of this amazing tree.


The tree Norm used to check the gauge of his septum piercing.


Our route driving around Maui where we saw all of these amazing waterfalls that you’ll see photos of below!





This was one of the few waterfalls that had a large pool below it that you could swim it. Due to it being water from the mountains it was way too cold to actually go swimming in though we tried!


Norm is a bit of a rule breaker. On the other side of where I took the picture was a huge sign that said “Do not stand on this wall”. It was probably there because of the 60 foot drop down into a raging river on the left side of him.


Over looking the cliffs at the Garden of Eden Botanical Gardens.


Below is a photo from the beach in Wailea at the hotel where we stayed.


And another shot from in the pool. It’s a fresh water pool for those asking how I was able to open my eyes. Even with your eyes open though you can’t really see into the viewfinder to take photos so it was very hit or miss!


The internet here has been pretty hard to stay connected to. I’ve spent the past few hours trying to upload some photos to get posts going for tomorrow. I’m also in the process of uploading a video to post on Monday but it may not make it up at this speed until Tuesday. It’s an interview with Mike Rubendall and I hope you guys like it! We’re off to Tim Hendricks wedding tomorrow, which is why we’re here in Hawaii to begin with, I’m glad he’s getting married to an amazing girl both because he’s a rad guy and an amazing tattooer as well as it gave us a reason to get out to the island that is the farthest from any continents in the world!

Aloha and Mahalo for supporting BME!

I like posting boys.

Matthew is this mornings eyecandy. Unfortunately he’s probably only got one sucker and it’s not visible in this photo. He does have some beautiful eyes though. He didn’t tell us anything more about his work or who did it but we won’t hold it against him. One more shot after the jump.



Did I mention that my job is pretty cool?