The Travelling Gnome

I’m sure most of us in North America have heard of the Travelling Gnome.  The idea is you steal someone’s garden gnome before you go on vacation, then take pictures of the gnome in places all over the world, which you send back to the person you stole the gnome from.  Then, when you return, you bring back the gnome and replace it as if it never left.  The result, you end up with a great story and experience, and the person who thought their gnome was gone for good gets a surprise in the mail (and their gnome back).  Of course over the years the gnome stories have spread all over becoming so popular that a travel booking website uses a gnome as its mascot.

Well it seems the gnome is still on the go, and it looks like his latest spot was in Italy, paying a visit to IAM: Lady_FlameThrower.  You may remember her from a ModBlog post a while back about her Watchmen scarification piece.  You can see in the photo below that the photographer Alex Hen is featuring not only the gnome, but also Lady_FlameThrower’s surface bar and dermal anchors.


So has the urge to steal a gnome ever crossed your mind?  The idea of stealing a gnome is only scratching the surface of what travelers do for fun with their photos.  I’ve seen collections of people holding up cardboard cutouts of friends, other keepsakes from houses, and more.  Well ModBlog readers, have you taken a gnome or something else on your travels to document the  journey?

6 thoughts on “The Travelling Gnome

  1. back in 2005 I took a trip to Michigan with a good friend of mine to meet a guy. one night while we were left unattended, we were sitting outside of his apartment so my friend could smoke. took a little walk around the complex, scoping things out. about 20 feet away from his doorstep, we see a cute little gnome just begging to be played with. contemplating the idea for a good twenty minutes, we just ran over like wild banshees and took it. he was lying safely in the suitcase next to my midget porn and a Yoda doll. when we got home later that week, we took pictures of it and sent to the guy to forward to the neighbor. he didn’t last long here…shortly after arriving he was abused quite badly and disappeared.

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