Buried in your black heart

I was thinking about saving this post for this week’s Friday Follow-up, but it’s such a great series of pics that I just couldn’t wait to share them.

Copy sent in this photo of his hand implant procedure back in May.  The artist is Mike Knight from Velvet Grip Family, in Hollywood, CA.


The rest of the photos of the procedure can be seen in the 3D-art implant gallery.  The question of course arises, well what does it look like healed?

Thankfully Copy sent in a fully healed picture last week to share with everyone.  Keep on reading to check it out.


You can see just how well the implant healed up, plus Copy’s blackwork really accentuates how the light hits his hand, making the heart stand out even more that it would without the tattoo.  I’m also a big fan of the simplicity of the photo, the contrast of the black against the wall, and the shadows created by the implant, really make the modifications the highlight of the photo.  There’s also the clash between the imagery, while the tattoos are dark and cover the surface, the heart is strong and is showing itself through the darkness, forcing its way into the light.

No matter how deep something may be buried, if it is strong enough, it will rise up and push through anything in its way.  Feelings are a perfect example of that.  People supress their thoughts and feelings towards things and people all the time, yet eventually, often when it is least expected, those feelings can come rushing back.  These moments can easily overwhelm someone, to the point that in the moment nothing else matters.  It could be feelings of love towards someone, or anger towards another, I think where it is seen most is at a funeral.  The news of a loved one passing away is always painful, yet in the time between hearing the news and the funeral itself, life must continue on for those few days.  It’s difficult, but for most people it’s a necessity.  So when the day arrives, all those feelings of grief and sadness that someone has pushed aside to get through the days comes flooding back.  They’re finally able to release all of that emotion that had been building up, and they’re able to do it at a time they’re surrounded by people who are feeling the exact same way.  It is through these experiences that a person is able to come to terms with their own feelings and move forwards.  So while holding things in may be needed by people, eventually what is trapped inside will want to come out, it’s just a matter of time.

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  1. Looks good. Really like the blackwork. Thinking about getting some. Going to cover up some past, not so good tattoos.

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