Fall into the season

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.

–Albert Camus

Most people have a favorite season.  If you love skiing or snowboarding, winter may be your favorite.  Spring has always been thought of as a time of rebirth and new love, while summer is the domain of the the sun.  Then there are those of us who love the fall.  The days growing cooler as the nights get longer, but not so cold that you need to bundle up when you go for a walk.  The air becoming crisp and clean now that the humidity of august is behind us.  And of course, who can forget about the biggest visual reminder of the changing season, the leaves changing colour.

I suppose it’s fitting that one of the first posts I make the day after Labour Day features some images uploaded over the weekend.  Labour Day is always summer’s last hurrah before the fall takes its hold.  It’s the last weekend for most kids before heading back to school, and it’s the last long weekend of the summer for adults to head out to the cottage to catch those last few moments on the lake.

For the uploader of the following pics, Halfie, this tattoo really captures that transition from summer to fall.  Granted all the seasons can be seen as transitional, but when looking at the leaves, you can really see the changes happening right before your eyes.  The artist is Kyle Hoffman from A Brand New Tattoo in Eau Claire, WI, and the photographer was Paul Veit.


Keep on reading to see the rest of the leaves, and the colors they change into.


You can check out the rest of the images in the nature and wildlife gallery.

Do you have a favorite season (or seasons)?  What makes that time of year special to you?

7 thoughts on “Fall into the season

  1. Also should note that it wasn’t completely healed when the pictures were taken, ideally I would have liked to waited another week or two but Paul and his insane camera skills left for Germany last week.

  2. My birthday is a few days before Halloween and every year we have a Pumpkin Carving Party where I make a bunch of Halloween-type food (like witch’s fingers, mummy-dogs and “eyeballs” (meatballs)).
    My entire family comes and we carve pumpkins after dinner. It’s the time of year I look forward to the most. More then Christmas… It’s a beautiful time of year that I get to spent with my favorite people.


    And. I love the leaves…

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