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Video courtesy IAM: JackeeLynn

Let me start with a quick thank you to JackeeLynn for letting me use the video of her solving a Rubik’s cube.  If it isn’t obvious by now, this post is about the most famous puzzle cube ever invented.

Like LEGO fans, the Rubik’s cube has a loyal following of people who collect cubes.  The majority of these collectors are also the ones who can solve a cube effortlessly because they know the special algorithms that make solving the cube easy.  Now when I first got a cube I got frustrated and took off all the stickers to solve it.  As I got older I found that smashing the cube and putting it back together worked much better.  Did anyone else use these techniques, or was I the only one who couldn’t solve the cube at 4?

Now as much as Jackee loves her LEGO and her cube, the person sporting this tattoo may outdo her love for the cube.

The following image was sent in by SailorxDani as part of the Mutiny Tattoo mini-portfolio on  I don’t know who the recipient is, but it’s clear they not only love Mr. Rubik’s invention, but they added a nice sentiment to go along with it.  Not everyone is a perfect cube, and as long as you’re happy with yourself, that’s all that matters.


Just in case it wasn’t clear, that isn’t Jackee’s tattoo, although you can see hers in this ModBlog post from back in February.

I’ve got one more picture from SailorxDani to share with you, but to save some space you’ll have to click the read more button.  I must warn you, the image may bug you.


As far as palm tattoos go, that one is pretty awesome.  Too bad it’ll probably fade out quickly.

12 thoughts on “Love Cubed

  1. at first i thought the bug one was on an ‘older’ man facing right and holding his arm out… o.0

  2. every time a palm tattoo is profiled here, the author always claims they fade. Some palm tattoos fade but when they’re done properly, they will stay indefinitely. I’ve had mine for about 5 years and it looks like it did the day it was done!

  3. I thought that that was a booger at first, but that’s probably because I’m sick…then I remembered Rob saying “bug you a little bit” and realized it was a bug. Love it though!

  4. as far as the rubix cube, i never really asked the client what the correlation with the cube and the quote was, just sorta went along with it…

    the palm tattoo did fade out quite a bit, despite everyones best intent. i dont think the recipient planned on having it as a permanent modification, so we never bothered to go at it again, although you can still see bits and pieces… i should try to get a healed pic to submit…

  5. i feel like i should also mention that the guy who got the squished beetle on his palm does flooring for a living and took no time off of work to try to help it heal… so who knows how it would have with ideal healing circumstances…

  6. same here..smash technique always….I could never get the stickers off properly without them tearing a lil..and they then didn’t wanna go back on, so you have to use glue or tape..then everyone knows you did it…so no lil victory there lol

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