Team BME in the flesh

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a BME logo scar up on ModBlog.  This particular logo, if you’re not familiar with it, is the Team BME logo, which you can find pretty much all over the site nowadays.

IAM:Pineapple sent this one in, and it looks like it’s about as fresh as possible.  Now it could just be the contrast, but the red of the blood really pops out.


Hopefully Pineapple will be sending in more photos as it heals up, as it looks like it’ll be a really good scar.  One of the great things about BME logos is that they’re more than just a product branding.  While BME is a company, it is also a community, and it is that community that makes BME the place it is.  All of the various logo designs created over the years have all come from within the community, and the Team BME logo itself represents not only a design from a hockey jersey, but all those members of the community that are part of BME4LIFE.  These are people who believe strongly in this community as it has touched them in some manner in their lives.

The community itself is such a wide and diverse group of people, and has been there for the highs and lows of life for many people.  How has the BME community affected your life?  Did someone in the community make an impact in your life?  Were you able to learn something about yourself or how you wish to modify yourself through BME?

7 thoughts on “Team BME in the flesh

  1. if im not mistaken BUT I think on the far faaar right hand side I can see the ear tips of possible Dr.BME possibly?…im not sure from that tiny lil bit but im looking at my own Dr on my arm and they are very similar…

    fucking hot anyway! :D

  2. sweet! I thought it was…even though its just the smallest hint lol…

    anyway, that is some sweet work Pineapple keep it up! and also….damn your facial tattoo and cutting work is bloody impressive! I mean I wish mine was as sharp as that on the first go, but I healed REALLY badly, so need to have it retouched.

  3. Hell yeah! Thanks for the awesome work Pineapple. I’ll get you fully healed pictures when it’s done.

  4. Great work Pineapple, a very well done piece!

    An answer to Rob’s questions:
    I have been in touch with the BME site for almost 10 years now which to some may not be very long but as i am only 24 it is 2 years off being half my lifetime!
    The BME site is what really got me into piercings (my main mod of choice). I used to spend every lunch break at high school in the library doing my ‘research’ on your site and printing info from it. I still have a folder jam packed full of everything i printed.
    At 15 i started piercing myself (not just standard ears either) and it is BME that gave me the inspiration and knowledge to do so. Looking at all the photos and reading all the experiences from other people educated me in a way. Reading good and bad experiences and looking at good and bad photos taught me what not to do and what was safe to do.
    I am happy to say that almost all of my self done piercings have been fine over the years and are still ‘alive’ and well, even that first one i did at 15!
    Through Facebook i have been able to connect with so many from the BME community and i am thanful that i was able to do so because since becoming friends with them i have learnt a great deal from them, not just about mods but also about life in general.
    Thank you BME for having a huge impact on my life and still being around so many years later and many more years to come i hope.
    Thanks Rob for asking the questions and giving me the opportunity to share the experience i have had with BME.

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