Wind blows, fire burns, rain falls…

There are times when a film comes about that can have a profound effect on the viewers.  Sometimes it could simply be a single scene, for others the story itself carries the most weight.  Whatever the reasons, when a person has fallen in love with a film, they’ll often do something to recognize these feelings.  For the vast majority of people, simply buying a copy of a film, or viewing it multiple times is enough.  Yet for others, simply owning a film isn’t enough.  Which is why we see so many film inspired modifications.  From tattoos to scars, film symbolism is fairly prevalent within the modified community.  So it should come as no surprise that someone went out to get a small branding that reminds them of their favorite film.

5th element

If you don’t recognize the symbols, they’re from the film The 5th Element.  Each square represents one of the four classical elements: earth, water, fire, and air (wind).  When combined with the 5th Element, they summon Captain Planet.  Or is it save the world from destruction?  I get the two confused.

If you want to see who the arm belongs to, as well as some pictures of the branding taking place, just keep on reading, or head on over to the branding galleries.


So do you have a favorite movie?  Are your feelings strong enough towards that film that you would get a modification that would remind you of the film?

21 thoughts on “Wind blows, fire burns, rain falls…

  1. I have a shitty tattoo of the GeneCo Logo tattooed on the back of my neck.. need to get that fixed.
    But that brand is most likely going to blow out and the scars might melt into each other..
    That’s from personal experience, with both hyfrecator (sp) and strike brandings, they’ve doubled (or more) in size. The one on my hand (hyfrecator), which has tripled in size (thickness), was left pretty much completely alone after it was done, no irritation or anything..
    It looks okay now, but I’d like to see it finished..

  2. im currently planning my bill nighy portrait from underworld. not only is bill nighy my favourite actor but i adore the underworld films.

    also still perfecting my crow tattoo. i can never get it just right and trying to find the right picture is a pain in the ass.

  3. ahh I totally just bought a Truffle Shuffle T-shirt! and my upper right leg is dedicated to the muppets!

  4. Want to get the word ‘Click’ inside my wrist to remind me to slow down and spend more time w/ my family. Not my favorite movie, but it applies to me like few others do.

  5. haha…sorry Rob but loved the lil Captain Planet reference….

    I now wont be able to watch that film because right at the end instead a light an all that coming out of whats her name…I will now expect the Captain to be standing there in all his blue skinned and red undies glory haha

  6. I have an Anchorman tattoo, ‘Stay classy’ in script on my inner bicep. I know I’ll never stop finding that film hilarious, and it was a common love that I shared with my best friend in high school, its my favourite ink so far.

  7. I’ve been thinking of getting a Pumpkinhead tattoo, but I also really love Blades of Glory :-P

  8. I totally have the elements tat from 5th Element too! My all-time favorite movie!

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