Worst case scenario

The often quoted Murphy’s Law says something along the lines of “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong”.  When it comes to modifications, we always hope that nothing will go wrong with anything we get.  Now I’m not talking about the procedure, more along the lines of what can happen down the road.  You could be getting dressed for work when you suddenly snag a microdermal and tear it.  You could be riding a bike down a moutainside when you fall and scrape up your arm so badly it ruins one of your tattoos.

In the case of Nikita IAM: 9sbg-av4372071, he got into a fight a little while ago and ended up tearing open his medusa stretching project.  If he looks familiar to you, that’s because he was the young man who attempted the single point elbow suspension that ended in a nasty tear.


Here’s how it looked last year when he had it up to 24mm.  There are other images of it in the lip plate gallery.


Prior to the fight Nikita’s had stretched his medusa all the way up to 27mm.  If you head over to his IAM page, you can see pictures of how it looked before he lost it.

Hopefully Nikita continues to upload images of how he’s fixing it to the lip disc reversal gallery.  And let’s hope he manages to go a long time before anything else traumatic happens to him or any of his modifications.

48 thoughts on “Worst case scenario

  1. I hope he grows up and learns how to properly care for his body. Seems to me like he’s trying out for a position in “Jackass”. Take care of your mods! Treat them well!

  2. OUCH!
    that first picture just makes me think like he isn’t taking the fact he’s going to be scared for life very seriously…. maybe thats just me?

    also…i wouldnt ever intentionally put myself into a position where my mods could possibly be ripped out/ruined… we obviously cant say who started the fight and maybe im being a pansy when i say… aren’t there other routes instead of violence?!

  3. There usually are other routes than standing up for yourself, yes. They typically scar deeper than a fight would.

  4. Damn that shit looks disgusting. He has to decide if he wants mods or fight like a dumb ass! Too late for the Medusa project. I see plastic surgery in his future.

  5. Standing up for yourself sometimes means getting into a fight. If you’ve never been in a fight you will forever remember the times that you’ve pussied out.

    I’m not saying that you should look for a fight, but if you think that every physical confrontation ever is something to avoid you will get walked over.

    Besides: “i wouldnt ever intentionally put myself into a position where my mods could possibly be ripped out/ruined” – What would you say if i countered with “I would never worry so much about my appearance that it hindered my life”?

  6. @Anton: I’ve stood up for myself plenty of times and have never needed it to come to blows. There are many ways to defend yourself without having to resort to violence. If anything physically fighting someone is just a way of avoiding using your brain to solve a problem, which means you’re taking the easy and stupid way out. Standing up for yourself without fighting doesn’t mean you’ve “pussied” out at all. Not to mention the fact that by saying someone has “pussied” out implies that they’re acting like a woman, which is flat out ignorant as it implies that women are somehow weaker than men.

    If I ever actually got into a fight I’d remember it as the time I ignored rational behavior and acted like a fool. There’s nothing to be proud of in fighting someone, especially when there are so many other ways to deal with conflict.

  7. Anton…I understand your position.

    I however feel the opposite way: I wish the fights I’ve been in could have been resolved without both parties getting all bashed up. And I’m glad for the times either i or the other person “pussied out.” I felt lame for like a day then just happy we didnt get physical.

    The most serious confrontations ive had with friends/males (i.e. not S/Os) were verbal. Every guy that I hit or hit me, we resolved it. The friendships that did end ended with words.

    I dont think theres anything wrong with a good clean fight…where i live it doesnt go down that way though. It ends up with the clear loser getting kicked and beaten on the ground for far too long.

    And furthermore, many people are modded because the look simply appeals to them, but some NEED it as well. To some, getting their lip plate busted would be like someone with no facial mods and happy about it getting a lip plate forcefully implanted. Devastating.

    my 2c

  8. re #9 – I concur wholeheartedly. Violence is the domain of the lower man.

    With that said, once I took all of my piercings out, I knew I’d never get another and it’s purely for the fact that while I may frown upon knuckle-walking like an ape other people may not and a piercing is only a disadvantage in a violent situation.

  9. I saw those pics on his page a few days ago…
    Doesn’t look like he has the best luck.. tears out a hook during a suspension, and then his face..

  10. Seriously? You’ve already sunken to that kind of pc bullshit? Genital cursewords are the oldest in the history of human language (followed by scatological and then religious), and the only reason I used pussy was that you’d already used the obvious homophobic one (which I realize you did satirically. Because I read what you say, unlike you).

    I have never actually promoted violence here, I just take offense to your bullshit stance that anyone who ends up in a fight is a worse man. My opinion is more in line with #10 than you seem to get.

    And if you’ve never been in a situation where you needed to give up or defend yourself, you probably have no grasp of what it’s like to grow up as a member of the working class. Which makes you a pussy, or a pansy if you prefer.

  11. Fight? I thought he got kicked in the face at a show… Regardless, that is really a shame. Good luck in your repairs.

  12. @Anton: The problem isn’t with genital cursewords, it’s the implication that being female or homosexual somehow makes you weak. As for my personal upbringing and history, let’s just say you’re off the mark pretty far. I have been in situations where the person I was arguing with was about to take a swing, but I didn’t need to lower myself to take a shot, I just resolved it without violence. If that somehow makes me weak in your eyes, I can live with that.

  13. There seems to be some ignorance here, but there is definitely a sickening amount of arrogance.
    Have you lead such sheltered lives that you really believe violence can always be avoided ?
    I myself don’t condone violence and believe it should be avoided if at all possible.
    Does your obviously superior intellect also give you the speed of Flash the Scarlet Speedster. Or do you get your masters when you are an infant and move to a gated community ?
    Maybe dem stupidass fags, trannys, and blacks should go to school and gets dem some learnins so they wont get bashed and lynched.

    Seriously guys, what gives?
    For all we know (going off the information on this page), he could have been mugged and beaten up or just attacked for “looking like a freak”

    That elbow tear certainly could have been avoided though, and if it was not intended was pretty dumb.

  14. Rob, seriously… you are amazing. And I’m so happy you are a respectful, edcuated writer on here. You made my day.

  15. Oh my god, that looks terrible, like a cleft palate! It looked really bad before — way too big. And now…I hope he hires a good plastic surgeon.

  16. @Rob- Agreed wholeheartedly on every reply.

    And this makes me fear for my ever-growing philtrum piercing.Good luck healing up your face. I’m fortunate to have not gotten in any physical altercations since getting piercings. It’s a really unwise choice.

  17. i think it’s hard to deny that we live in a violent world, even if violence is obviously a bad thing. we’re not all ascendant buddhas, but rather participants in this unideal world. in that way i like the lip as it is now as a representation of the violence of the world in which we do live and partake. not everything is perfect, and not everything lasts forever.

  18. PS if you read the book Fight Club (or watch the movie if you are pressed for time) you can see how fighting can actually be a good thing. needless to say it’s an inherent aspect of the human condition.
    as for the derogatory use of “pussy” in reference to somebody who backs down from fights, another inherent aspect of the human condition is that women actually are physically weaker than men because of their genes and therefor are not expected to engage in physical contests with men (although this doesn’t prove the objective superiority of male genes and thereby validate “pussy” as a derogatory term, it merely is an objective difference).

  19. Anton is right. I shall be his squire in this melee.
    Just because you get in a fight doesn’t mean you’re a fucking ape. Even though violence should be avoided (and most of us agrees on this), everyone can find themselves in a fight (yes, even those of you who consider yourselves diplomats). I for one don’t see violence as anything bad if I NEED to use it. If someone confronts me with violence, I will respond the same way, or run. I would most certainly use violence if someone tried to rob me. That doesn’t mean I promote street fighting.
    Yeahyeah, “I would never put myself in such a position where violence could be used!!!!” I mean, wtf really? Too bad the majority of people who are physically assaulted don’t get to decide that.

  20. @oppositronic: Agreed. Males are generally physically stronger and more agressive than females, and thus naturally the gender which engages the most in fights, crimes, crusades etc. Referring to someone as a “pussy” or the verb “pussy out” in a fight situation, implies objective differences, if anything. After all, it has been proven that females do not resort to fist fighting as easily as men do.

  21. e-fighting about fighting

    everyone internet wins

    jokes aside ive been knocking around for nearly 20 years, ive only ever been in a fight fight once, and that was after 2 years of non stop bulling from some kid, and it landed me in huge trouble to say the least, it isnt hard to get out of a “fight” if you are clever enough, ive been in countless “situations” where a fight could have broken out and the last thing ever on my mind is “shit dude i have to beat the shit out of everyone, because i might get hit myself or that someone might think im pussy for, “getting out” of it with out violence”

    really it isnt hard if you try.

    sorry want to try.

  22. I think that it is unfortunate that he not only had a piercing destroyed but will also likely need reconstructive surgery, the problem goes beyond, oh no months of stretching wasted, its oh no my lip is gone!
    That being said, yeah avoiding fights would be a great idea but I suppose sometimes you’re just unlucky, I’m sure he could’ve nonviolently been snowboarding and had the same result or anything could’ve happened, when the skin is stretched to that extreme I’m sure it doesn’t take tons of force to rip it. I’m sorry for his loss and I hope that his doctors don’t try to shame him too much, you know, not as much as this community that promotes unity did anyway.

    I haven’t been in a lot of fights, I have had the shit kicked out of me as a pacifist though, when you’re a 6ft tall genderqueer person you’re able to kind of know when you’re beat, but kind of have the luxiery choosing your battles is one of those things. I was with my girlfriend, and we heard some teenage boys yell faggot, this meant we should run, find the nearest bus and yelling “shut the door shut the door” really urgently, we didn’t get hurt, we didn’t hurt anyone, but I did learn just what degree of fear she lived in daily because when I told her we were very close to getting our asses kicked, she assured me we’d have been fine. I didn’t know she carried a knife until that night. I’ve also been robbed, I’ve lost mp3 players and cameras because I’d rather not get hurt. I agree wholeheartedly about the invisible scars of feeling weak for running away, but for pride and materialism I’ll keep my mortal coil intact.

  23. Sure, a fight can be a good thing.
    Just make sure you don’t have any piercings in when you get into it! Or else… well, you can see.
    And judging by the look of his face.. My guess is he lost.. or I’d hate to see what happened to the other guy.

    CalmLlama: Ya, they do, but thats a little more than a scar!

  24. Violence is the last resort of the exhausted intellect. Unfortunately you can bear the brunt of a physical attack without provocation quite easily. It’s for this reason that I avoid idiots and hooligans where possible, and should anyone offer me violence I’ve got a sharp tongue and a great pair of running legs on me!

    Nice one taking a beating there, hope the salt was worth the rub, as it were.


  25. @sourmilkforsale: The issue that I had with Anton’s comments wasn’t in regards to if someone gets jumped/assaulted on the street. The problem is that Anton stated that if you find a way to resolve an argument without violence all the time, then you’re somehow less of a person. That and the comment that women are weaker. Sure genetically they may be predisposed to not be as physically strong, but to imply that someone is a coward and a weakling by assigning them a female gender role is just degrading to women, not to mention making you sound like a fool.

  26. I agree with you completely, Rob, and I applaud you for your stance. There is nothing superior, in any way, in using physical violence to resolve a verbal confrontation. In fact it makes absolutely ZERO sense to me. If you are defending yourself in close quarter combat against an assailant who is assaulting you then your primary goal should always be getting yourself to safety and removing yourself from the violence. As a woman who is continually training in self-defense, Brazilian jujutsu, and who is a proud owner of a CCW–all I’ve come to appreciate is that you only EVER fight when you are on your back, forced into a corner, and you truly fear for your life and see no way of escaping. Men who resort to that shit because they have such a weak sense of pride and are so overly concerned with what TOTAL STRANGERS have to say are sad individuals who obviously have no respect for themselves. In truth, if I were them and felt so little of myself that someone else’s words could wound me so severely to spurn me into physical violence, I probably wouldn’t respect myself either.

    Much respect to you, Rob.

  27. Blahh, ouchie.
    We don’t know the details of the fight/whatever actually happened in this case. But I sort of live by the rule only fight if it’s a life or death situation. I’m sure it’s different because I’m female. I also live in a place where I have never had to have any physical confrontation ever so far.

  28. All I can say is that he looks fucking happy considering, so props to him for that.

    Personally I stay clear of fights, but I have been like that before I got extensive mods.

    Best of luck for the recon, I hope whoever does will have some form of hole – even if it is much much smaller.

  29. reguarless how it ripped, he obviously doesn’t think before he acts.. I saw the horrible suspension picture of his ripped arm and knew right away he must not be the brightest crayon in the box.. Who the hell thought that placement would ever work? It was poorly done 🙁 Maybe he should take a break from mods if he can’t take care of them/ do them properly. It’s pretty depressing to see someones faced that fucked up out of stupidity.

  30. #23 totally yes! maybe they can put him in one of those catalogues for Operation Smile with all the kids with the cleft palates and facial deformities and some nice plastic surgeon can get him stitched up.

    And when I was in high school girls always took out their earrings and pulled off their press-ons before they got in a fight.
    Maybe after he gets it fixed he can stretch it again and do a single point lip suspension. We can see how that turns out.

  31. after reading all of this, i think the differences in opinion on the appropriateness of fighting in various situations is influenced mostly by cultural differences in communities. the same way that a word can mean totally different things in two different regions, even of the same city, physical forms of communication are understood differently by different groups of people based on the “language” or social context in which they are used. in a lot of places, fights generally end with guns, knives and/or police, and ultimately more violence, and are understood in that context. but in a different context, a fight could be used in a more controlled way to settle a conflict, (e.g. “Thunderdome”). if you have reached an impass in the limits of your and your opponent’s verbal conflict resolution skills, a controlled fight that doesn’t result in death or disfigurement can be used to resolve the conflict much in the same way as a match of rock/paper/scissors. most communities have histories of controlled or ritualized fighting for entertainment, conflict resolution and religious purposes. at the same time, in a lot of communities people get shot and killed every day without provocation. the key lies in understanding the social contexts or “languages” of other communities in order to understand the meaning of their physical communications. this begs the question, can you honestly say that if you were in the shoes of somebody much unluckier than you, would *let* somebody kill you (if given the option of killing him or her first to prevent this)? would you let an animal eat you rather than punch it? (and don’t tell me you can outrun bullets and natural predators)

  32. @oppositronic: I think I mentioned it before, but in a situation of life or death, then yes doing whatever you can to get yourself out of that situation as quickly as possible is completely reasonable. Now getting into a physical altercation to settle an argument, that’s not something to be proud of.

  33. what did he exspect you cant go your entire life without any scrapes iam not 1 for fighting i have streched ears and iv had few fights with ppl trying to grab them i mean somethings are just fuking stupid like jumping into a sharks mouth DUMB drinking bleach DUMB streching your medusa to big FUKING DUMB let alone it being ripped off and y pose with it no ones scared you got fucked up and u look like a fukin idoit

    i hope you can get plastic surgery

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