There will be blood

Oh yes, there will be blood when your ear is cut like the image below.


Now, if you’re like me and only took a quick glance at the image, you’re probably thinking right now “holy crap he cut his ear off!”.  Well, that isn’t the case today.  DorianVilify uploaded this image of a large gauge helix piercing he performed recently.  From the angle of the image I can’t tell if he used a punch or scalpel  to cut it out, but in either case, there was definitely a lot of blood involved.  You can get a better look at it from the side in the cartilage gallery.

It’s interesting to think of how the image of blood affects different people.  For the squeamish, this image probably creeped them out, to others this is just an average picture and nothing to be concerned with, and yet for some, this is a huge turn on.  What are your thoughts about the image itself?  Does the blood make the image stand out?  Or is it just a distraction from the ear?

20 thoughts on “There will be blood

  1. It’s a weirdly beautiful picture, the blood is an amazing red, I guess for me it’s a little distracting.

  2. Never too distracted by blood, always just instantly looking for the source. I honestly thought this was just another lobe scalpelling at first, hah.

  3. I love the blood. Whenever i am getting modified, no matter what that mod is… i’m always disappointed if i don’t bleed enough (which i never do, because i’m always dehydrated and there’s never enough blood in my body for me to bleed like that) the last time i suspended i took asprin so i would bleed more. i love the way it feels. cere didn’t like it, though. haha

  4. i disagree, the rounded edge of the hole (the bit we can see anyway) looks like a punch. I am surprised they paused long enough to take this picture. When I had my conch punched, they had to plug the hole almost immediately to stop the bleeding.

  5. yea I would say punch…and scott punches can and WILL cause sprays depending on your own body, when my cartilage was punched fuck…I sprayed up the fucking wall!!…AND we were clear of the wall by 4 fucking feet!!! haha took us ALONG time to clean that fucker down haha

  6. I think the blood ads emotion to the image and makes it very dranatic. Also if you zoom in on the image enough you can just make out that there is some jewellery already in there.

  7. I like the way the blood flows within the picture, sort of creates a windswept hair look to it especially with the way the paper folds down on the left, which looks make the imag eof a face in profile.
    But to me it looks like there’s a plug in the freshly pierced hole, though I’m willing to say dermal punch.

  8. The blood got my attention, didn’t notice the ear. I’m a bleeder so seeing what appears to be large amounts of blood doesn’t bother me. I’m surprised when there’s no blood

  9. It looks like a punch, and I’m sure the blood did not spray.. It was probably due to gravity from the position the client was in during the process.

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