He’s a free man

Back in July you may remember seeing the face of ModBlog regular IAM:Jessestar appearing in news all over the world.  Well this past Friday Jesse popped up in the news again, with word that the charges against him have been dismissed.


TULSA, OKLAHOMA – A charge of assault with a dangerous weapon against 28-year-old Jesse Thornhill of Tulsa has been dismissed.

A preliminary hearing was scheduled for Friday. An entry in the court docket says the charge has been dismissed.

The charge stemmed from an incident on July 13, 2010, when Thornhill allegedly tried to run over his landlord with his car.

–Source: NewsOn6.com

As Sean put it so nicely, “Is this the smile of a homicidal maniac?”  Now we know the answer, no, it isn’t the smile of a homicidal maniac, it’s the smile of a man with some fantastic modifications that happens to be part of the BME community.

14 thoughts on “He’s a free man

  1. Really glad that the charges were dismissed!! I’m wondering if the landlord was trying to get one over with the court knowing that most courts/judges arent fond of body mods?

  2. I’ll eat my hat if this gets anywhere near the same kind of media saturation and coverage the first story got. Vindication never does.

  3. Having charges dismissed isn’t the same as an incident never having occurred at all. Like how “not guilty” isn’t the same thing as “innocent”. Keep some perspective. Kudos for the guy for getting off the charges, but the whole thing probably didn’t need to happen in the first place.

  4. Mainstream News: Tattoos? How can this man not be a criminal?!

    Mod-Blog News: Tattoos? How can this man be a criminal?!

  5. Anyone can be a ‘homicidal maniac’ regardless of smile and whatnot. sort of like saying some man can’t of raped a woman because of how ‘nice’ he is…

    [not talking about him was just saying, though I do agree with Jon P]

  6. Congrats Jesse. As always the media won’t shed light on the fact it was dismissed, unfortunately.

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