Looking back at summer

Well, for those of us on the top half of the planet, summer is officially over as of yesterday.  To those down under, spring should be underway, with summer only a few short months ahead.  With autumn having started, it’s nice to think back to just a few short weeks ago, when the days were long and weeks were spent looking forwards to weekends at the cottage, or some other relaxing spot.  Of course summer always is thought of as the domain of the young, with school out it certainly can seem that way, but for adults summer is also a time for fun.


BME user CutieKimmi sent in this photo of her enjoying the summer sun.  I had to shrink the image a little, but if you look close you can see that she has a series of microdermals down her spine.  You can see the larger photo in the microdermal gallery.

Looking back on the past is a great way to look ahead to the future.  So while summer may be gone for this year, we still have a lot to look forward to, well until 2012 if you believe the conspiracy theorists.  So how was your summer?  Did you do anything special this year, or did you just want to get it over with because you’re a huge fan of the fall or winter?

7 thoughts on “Looking back at summer

  1. Thats.. Bloody glorious. And quite sexy in its own way. Can’t say that I’m a huge fan of the spread towards the lower back, but its still quite awesome. Hopefully she can hold onto those micro’s for awhile.

  2. I love that idea. Always wondered how it would be living with them though. Boo – I can’t look at the microdermal pictures. =( But I can see the male and female genital ones… what’s up???

  3. I had my second son right in the middle of summer, July 14th. I have been dying for fall (oct) to be here. My husband get his R&R from Afghanistan end of october and will meet our new baby boy when he is 3 1/2 months old.

  4. i cant stand the heat, but this summer wasnt so bad in england, but i love the winter, so bring on the 2inches of slush that somehow brings england to a standstill…..

    2012? conspiracy theorists?? naah, we all know england wont have the olympic stadiums ready on time…. oh you mean the world ending? :P

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