The Hand of Horror

It seems the the closer we get to Halloween the more we take notice of those things that go bump in the night.  Horror films seem to be on TV in greater frequency, the decor in stores shifts towards ghosts and goblins, and the occasional image will stand out just a little more than it normally would.


This tattoo, from the portrait gallery,  was one such image that stood out amongst the other submissions this week.  It was sent in by BME user Alexenglish, and was done by Elson Yeo from thINK Tattoo Singapore.

I want to say it looks like an image of a Yurei, but i’m not 100% it is.  Regardless, it really stands out an a fantastic hand portrait, that appears to be part of a sleeve.  What really stands out most is how the blood and the shading carry down in between the knuckles.  Often with hand portraits they’re capped above the knuckles, but in this case the design not only goes past that point, it works the shape of the knuckles into the design.

Well, Halloween is just over a month away, any big costume plans picked out yet?  Or are you the type that decides last minute?

3 thoughts on “The Hand of Horror

  1. It looks more like a female character Noh mask to me, and I personally am creeped out by those things.

  2. i was in the booth next to him when he had this tattooed looked amazing he had some terminator head on his 4 arm also lol

  3. Geeeeeezz!!! Guess you can call the serendipitous chancing upon this article a pleasant surprise?
    Cheers for the kind words! It’s a noh mask indeed. Guess which one though?

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