It’s Tee Time!

For those of us north of the US border, fall is in full swing.  Days are starting to cool, and nights are getting noticeably longer.  Longer nights mean less daylight, which in turn means less golf time.  That’s probably the reason half of the population of Florida in the winter is snowbirds.  They just need to get their golf fix.

For IAM: Ebayoyo, he gets his golf fix in another way.


So my photoshop skills aren’t the best, but I think you get the idea.  To see the rest of the image, just keep on reading.


In case you haven’t guessed, this picture comes from the CBT gallery in BME’s Hard section.

Of course this image begs the question, would teeing off from a penis affect one’s handicap?  Possibly if it hooked to the right or left I suppose.

5 thoughts on “It’s Tee Time!

  1. look im sorry (okay im not) but what does CBT have to do with body modding? urethral stretching is…torturing genitalia is not.

    my 2c

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