Everybody walk the dinosaur

If you’re not familiar with the TV show “Dinosaurs”, you’re missing out.  The show was a live action, Henson puppeted sitcom featuring your typical 50s sitcom family, except they were all dinosaurs.  The mother and father were clearly taken from The Honeymooners, which was also the inspiration for The Flintstones.  You had the teenage son and daughter, and the lovable (and somewhat obnoxious) talking baby that had the catch phrase “Not the mama!”.  It lasted 4 seasons, and is one of the few TV series, and the only sitcom, to end with the death of every single character.  You read that right.  The plot of the finale revolved around the coming ice age (accidentally started by the main character), and end with the baby asking what will happen next, as the camera pans out and shows the house being buried under snow.  The final scene is from a reporter and ends on the line ”And, taking a look at the long-range forecast, continued snow, darkness, and extreme cold. This is Howard Handupme. Goodnight. (pause) Goodbye.”

As always, with a TV that memorable, you end up with fans of the show.  Rory (IAM: ScumCity) sent me a message the other day about his newest tattoo.


Now Rory is a huge Dinosaurs fan, he loves them so much, he’s even started to look like Earl (the father).


The resemblance is uncanny!

You can get a closer look at his knuckles in the hand tattoo gallery.

10 thoughts on “Everybody walk the dinosaur

  1. Heh ehe I watched this show ev night, except the last season. But as I recall it only ran two seasons not four, or perhaps only three. But I remember being in a Good Guys store and watching the last episode on one the TVs (before the industry switched to corp broadcasting on display TVs). I liked the show but thought the voice acting was really bad and never synced right with the puppets.

  2. @Janna: Dammit, I knew I forgot to include something. Thanks for the reminder.

    UPDATE: Rory smells like feet.

  3. I’m so fucking jealous of those knuckle tattoos! AWESOME DUDE.

    And the Dinosaurs were one of my favorite tv shows! It was like Barney on grown up crack.

  4. So I thought about it a lot and I really think Rory should tattoo himself green to look more like Earl.

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