Pierced Love

Sometimes it’s nice to see a picture that makes you want to smile.  BME user Onehandbandit sent in this image of a very happy couple enjoying some time together.

Without knowing who the couple are, or what the story behind the image is, it’s still plain to see a pair of people enjoying each other while simultaneously enjoying their modifications.  You may have to look a little closely because the image is reduced to fit on ModBlog, but you can see that in addition to the play piercing and ribbons wrapped around them, both of their septum piercings are tied together with a strand of purple ribbon.

With everyone requesting more BME Boys and Girls pictures, I thought I’d post something that shows off an adorable couple, meeting everyone half way.

There are more images in the play piercing gallery, as well as the full sized version of this one so you can see the smaller details a little clearer.

11 thoughts on “Pierced Love

  1. This is such a nice pic, youcan see the love they have for each other as well as the love of mods they both share.

  2. @SweetNausea, I don’t understand… what is the purple thing beneath their skin? Is that the ribbon? How did they get that under their skin? :S

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