The Friday Follow-up (Monday Edition)

Well, unfortunately due to some technical difficulties, I wasn’t able to get the Friday Follow-up posted on Friday.  But just because I had some computer troubles, doesn’t mean I’m going to let a week go by without posting a follow-up.

You may remember this week’s piece from a few months ago in an article entitled “Two by two, hands of blue“.  Quentin from Kalima Emporium in the UK did this branding piece over the heavy blackwork that IAM: Paingiver has on his hand.


Want to see how it looks a few months later?  Keep on reading.


Now obviously the hand isn’t blue, as that was just the result of the lighting in the “before” picture.  What is also obvious is how well the brand stands out against the blackwork, making for an excellent “after” picture.

If you’ve got some scar or branding work done, or are an artist that has some before and after photos of work you’ve done lying around.  Send them into BME, as the Friday Follow-up is always in need of pictures.

20 thoughts on “The Friday Follow-up (Monday Edition)

  1. I was hoping you guys would follow up on this when you first posted it. It looks awesome. :D

  2. These brands with the tattoos branded over always look a lot more successful than just the scars and I guess will last the test of time better. although that is assuming everyone who gets a scar wants it to be highly visible, some dont and it works out like that, thats great too. But personally if I was going to get one, it would be in this form. its also cool for people who have whole areas blacked out, because they wanted it or because they hated their tattoos so just covered them in black, gives them another option of what to do after.

    I wonder, are the scars from branding raised like they get from cutting? I guess not so much looking at this pic but I guess it might be different for different people.

  3. This lovely, solid work and gives me inspiration to keep pursing the modification of my own hands in a similar manner.

  4. Oh is this scar in combo with the blackwork supposed to be a borneo rose? That’s what it looks like to me but if not it’s still amazing!

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