Back to the Temple

If you’ve never heard of Joey Pang and her studio Tattoo Temple (in Hong Kong), you’ll want to check out the two articles that featured her work a month ago.

Joey’s techniques when it comes to script work are unparalleled, and its always a treat to see something new from her submitted to the galleries.  This piece in particular is from the lettering tattoo gallery, and show off just how well Joey can take a script tattoo and turn it into something more than just standard characters.

tattoo temple

Now I don’t know exactly what is written, but the red symbol at the bottom is the logo for Tattoo Temple, which some of Joey’s clients ask to have added to their pieces.

One of the key features of her work is that when doing lettering tattoos, Joey is able to make the characters appear to be created by brush stroke.  The little details that emerge, such as the broken line in the top character, are what makes her work stand out as living art.

3 thoughts on “Back to the Temple

  1. The first thing my friend said sitting next to me when I opened the page was “that’s beautiful” to which I replied, “Yup. Sure it.” This piece looks like it was done by brush indeed, but what I loved the most was the contrast between the logo and the lettering. It makes the two stand apart, but also pulls them together.

  2. The ‘logo’ is a chinese artist’s seal. If a customers asks for it to be placed into the tattoo, it means (s)he agrees the tattoo is art and something to be proud of.

    I personally think anyone who doesn’t want it is a complete idiot, but that might be just me.

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