It’s genital beads and piercing time!

It’s genital beads and piercing time!

It’s genital beads and piercing time!

It’s genital beads and piercing time!

This photo, and the other new additions to the genital beading gallery were submitted anonymously with the “tutimushi”.

This is one of the more impressive collections you can see in the surgical galleries.  Don’t have access?  Simply sign up today.

45 thoughts on “It’s genital beads and piercing time!

  1. I don’t understand some of these piercings.

    And by that I mean trying to figure out everything he has and how it works.

  2. lol @ cortex. Me too.

    I totally don’t understand how this is attractive (as I don’t find it so), but it’s definitely impressive.

  3. if i were female…id be terrified to have that monstrosity in my vag…….but madd props to thje owner of the scary penis… is most impressive /me bows

  4. To be fair, I know plenty of women that buy vibrators that look the same way. He’s just a head of other men in the game as far as I can see.

  5. yeah i was going to say, if he had a piece of jewerly shaped like a rabbit, and his dick was purple, coulda fooled me to think it was a super deluxe vibrator. id love to have sex with him :3

  6. As a guy, I can’t imagine the pain he had in the mods. But, if I were a woman, I would want that in me. DAMN what a dick!!!

  7. Holy meow mix cat licks sticks!!!! By glory of the Wang, WOW…… If only you could see how friggin huge my eyes got when I saw this picture.

  8. I just have to say this now since I rarely comment at all on some of this amazing art work and the modifications I’m not brave enough to get… That is FUCKING amazing…. Your dick just hit the AWESOME list! (A-list).

  9. great, now i have penis envy. my implants and piercings kind f pale in comparison. that’s an impressive amount of work.

  10. as far as its ability to work, he’s got more than me, but i’m sure that it still works pretty much the same as before, probably better

  11. One word: Photoshop!

    That image is so clearly and massively photoshopped that anyone who has ever done any photoshopping will notice it instantly. It’s rather good work, but not much attempt has been made to cover up and hide the traces of edits.

    Look along the edges of the dick, See how it just does not blend with the rest of the pictures. It’s rough, not smooth. Look at the skin tone on the dick as opposed to the legs. Estimate the dick owners abe by the dick skin condition and do the same with the legs. Compare size of thigh with size of penis. Look at reflections and shadows on beads (metal as well as implants), some are identical, others painted on.

    Last but not least… The logistics of it all… some of this just don’t look like real piercings. Where are the end points for what, and how does it all work out?

    I’m amazed this photo job fooled so many for so long…

  12. @mcphoto: This is certainly not photoshopped. Well, the dancing banana is, but the 2nd pic isn’t edited at all. There are about 6-7 other images in the gallery from the same user, showing every angle imaginable. I picked this one because it was the best in terms of showing off a lot of the mods, while others you could only see some of them.

  13. There’s no rhyme or reason with his beading, and that’s what is turning me off. Mad props for doing it, but it looks like the little metal balls just… sprouted all over the place.

  14. I saw this linked on a site and it’s not a big deal. Why are people acting like the images are “gross” or too much? It’s a piercing, tattoo, and body modification site. What did you expect to see?

    I do not have any genital piercings or implanted beads or even ink/piercings at all but I know many who do. I know some who have implanted beads under the skin of their penis.

    This may, or may not be photo shopped based on what McPhoto said. However some men really do get genital piercings just like the ones you see in the picture.

    I have seen pics of genital piercings just like this and they were real. I’ve seen guys and their pierced/modified penises in the flesh and those are real.

    Genital piercings like this and other ones like the P.A. are more common than people think or want to admit. 😉

  15. Why is everyone so surprised at the image? It’s a body modification, tattoo, and piercing site. What did you expect to see here?

    The image above may or may not be photo shopped based on what McPhoto said in his/her post.

    However there are men who really do have genital piercings and implanted beads like the above photo. I’ve seen pictures of them and seen them in the flesh.

    Genital piercings like the ones above and the P.A. are more common than people want to admit or believe. 😉

  16. Real or not this was done in ancient times to give more pleasure to the female. So I suppose this means that the beads stay in place rather than all slide down the base ? RRRRuffels have RRRRidges.

  17. Photoshop or not, I’m sorry but it’s a bit, eh, gross?
    I love all kind of mods, but there just a point where things go TOO far.

    My opinion doesn’t matter, as long as he’s happy

  18. I can’t believe I have to come in here again. I’ve seen all of the photos submitted by the same gentleman. It’s even more impressive when you see that the beads are implanted everywhere, plus the number of piercings he has is impressive.


    There. Final word on the matter.

    Now go back to marveling at the majesty that is his wang.

    If you really want to see a photoshopped image, go look at the censored version. I spent a good 20 minutes photoshopping that banana into the picture.

  19. I love that one of the arguments by mcphoto is that the skin colour of the penis and the legs differ. lol… I have never seen a guy’s penis that matched his leg skin… now i’m not saying i’ve seen a lot of penis’s… but… come on have you?

  20. I agree with Tia.
    Maybe my boyfriend’s penis is an ongoing Photoshop job, though – his isn’t even the same color from one half to the other, let alone his legs..
    The apparent pixelation can be explained by other factors, such as poor image quality.

    Regardless, I don’t know if I would want anything to do with a penis like that.

  21. Expounding on the penis color comment…you have to keep in mind that the jewelry would also affect color and the like. Everything might have started out the same color, but once he was done… I mean, your genitals can change colors of their own accord (hopefully not from anything catching… >.>) from age, medical conditions (such as diabetes), etc. I’d be mighty surprised if they were the same color after work as extensive as this.

  22. Impressive. I’m going to go get some beading done this weekend but nothing that extensive. My hat’s off to that gentleman

  23. Can someone tell me who is this man is? and is he available ? : ) AGE , AND LOCATION!!!!!
    Boy give me this incredible man phone number just saying….
    hahahha this artwork is to die for bless is the woman who has this man as a husband .
    i would bow down to this KING hahahah..

  24. It is oneself of an image.An image is genuine.I turn 11 pierced into a penis head and I bury 78 silicon balls in a shaft. I am Japanese.

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