A stitch in time

Surface weaving is an interesting form of modification.  Originally the term was applied to larger pieces of jewelry the wove its way through the surface of the skin.  Recent additions to the surface weaving gallery on the other hand have taken on an artistic flair, with the weaves being done with various flexible materials to create a design that is meant to be temporary modification, much like corseting is done for photo shoots.

Today, we’re taking a look at a surface weave that initially appears to be a temporary show piece, but in the end it turns into a unique way to craft a scar.  Orrnahitsn sent in these photos of the work by Kim Hutchinson (Skin Seamstress).


So this is the weave right after it was completed.

Keep reading to see how this was transformed into a scar.

2 weeks

After 2 weeks you can see that some of the weaves have broken through the skin, but it is still maintaining the shape.

Days later

Just a couple of days later, even more of the seams have broken and the ones that haven’t appear to be irritated and possibly rejecting.

4 months

Finally, after four months, the weave is gone, but what remains is a scar that was created in an interesting manner.

9 thoughts on “A stitch in time

  1. Why risk a infection if you can have a clean, nice scarification – even after wearing such “event-piercing”??

  2. @Gilly: I imagine that was probably the point. The scar was the end result, but the process in creating it was born of patience and endurance. Definitely a challenge to pull off, and not something very many people could (or would) do.

  3. this is me! the ‘healing’ process was god awful. i was bed ridden for the first couple of days, but things got easier as it started to reject. i was actually expecting it to take a lot longer than it did to grow out. it’s still not completely finished, i need some additional cutting to even out the scar, where i’ve accidentally pulled the wire out. other than that, it’s my favourite thing ever! :)

  4. thanks for the comments everyone!

    Naomi wanted something a bit different to a ‘regular’ scarification piece. this still has a fair way to go for healing, but its doing well so far. this is a lot more raised than a scarification piece (tho as its not fully healed, it could change). i will post any future updates on http://www.facebook.com/skinseamstress :) xxx

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