When animals attack, grow some gills and swim away

In recent years, most of the scarification pieces I have seen have been pictures of something. For instance, recently on modblog Rob featured a Game Boy and a BME Heart Logo.  Those type of scars are cool and all, but there is something purely primal to me about a scar that doesn’t explain itself so easily.

Take for instance this piece. First off, to those outside of the body mod world, this probably looks like some sort of accident or injury. With it’s jagged edges and general randomness, I can see where they would get that idea.


As it heals, it turns from looking like a wild animal attack to looking like the wearer has a set of gills.

For a healed pick and a little more Sean rambling, keep on keeping on.

Was having a faux animal attack the goal? Or was she looking to have a set of gills to allow her to breathe underwater. Only she can answer that for sure, but I like the fact it is left open to interpretation.


13 thoughts on “When animals attack, grow some gills and swim away

  1. This looks awesome, but I think if it were meant to look like gills it would be on her chest or neck right

  2. i think it looks like gills but if theyre not on the other side as well it seems as though perhaps its an animal attack. kind of cool but the idea of slashing skin from my body makes me squirm.

    Also the “keep on keeping on” comment is getting old. i groan when i see it. please cease.

  3. why didn’t you post the most recent healed picture? it looks more like an animal attack again.

  4. Hi, i know both the girl who has this and the girl who did it for her. Both are truly amazing people. And to put you all outta your misery it’s a werewolf attack. 🙂

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