Fresh and Clean

With the Friday Follow-up we get a chance to see scars and brandings months and years after the initial session.  It allows us to see the result of scarification process over time, which for many can be a contributing factor in their decision to get a scar.  Of course everyone heals differently, but it can give people some ideas of what to expect from the process.

What we don’t often see is the early stages of healing.  Those first few days before the scabs start to form, when it is just an open wound.  Last week we saw a scar of the BME heart logo by John Joyce on a young woman named Casey.  We got to see the cutting as it was being done, and completed, just moments before the dressing was applied.

Casey was kind enough to send in another image which was taken just after the first cleaning of the scar.  It’s interesting to see the scar this fresh, but without the blood that is present when the cutting first takes place.  Hopefully Casey continues to send in images of the healing process so we can all see some of the steps involved in the healing of a scarification piece.

9 thoughts on “Fresh and Clean

  1. Thank you everyone! It’s healing wonderfully. I’ll post more pictures as soon as possible.

  2. This picture reminds me of when my scars were at that stage. First cleaning is definitely the worst part of healing scarification, hands down (in my opinion that is).

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