Buddha’s Hand

Joey Pang from Tattoo Temple in Hong Kong is back at it again.  Whenever Joey sends in a photo of her recent work I always find myself stopping everything I’m doing and just staring.  Her art breathtaking, and with her philosophy of tattoos being clothing for the body, the effort she puts into her craft in unmistakable.  To Joey a tattoo is like a piece of clothing that needs to be tailored to the wearer.  Not just in the physical sense either.  Joey customizes her art both for the physical form, and the internal being.  Striking a balance between the two and crafting what will be a piece of clothing the wearer can never take off.

The following are just two of the new additions Joey had added to the BME galleries.  From the religious and mythological gallery you have the image of Buddha’s hand holding a lotus, and from the Chinese lettering gallery you have an example of her large brush calligraphy style.

3 thoughts on “Buddha’s Hand

  1. 2nd one is very very nice , powerfull , makes all those stupid little bad done characters get lost in my mind and puts this pic in place , nice nice nice !!!!!

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