The Surface of a Pearl

One of the great things about surface piercings, especially temporary ones, is their ability to transform what could simply be a ring on the surface of the skin into a living form of art.  Take corseting for example.  While there is the fetish side of corseting, as well as the historical ties to restrain women (not to mention the need to achieve the desired body shape for the time), most corseting is done for aesthetics.  Now while this piece by Jane-Marie Ravelo from Rock Star Tattoo in South Beach, isn’t a corset, it does play off the stereotypical housewife in pearls that was prevalent in the 50s.  The idea that a woman should be happy to wear her string of pearls while doing chores and cooking for her man is thankfully outdated, yet with this piece you can see the parallels between it and corseting.  Where corset piercings are symbolic of a woman needing to bind herself to achieve a certain physical shape, this piercing reminds us of a time that women were taught to believe that a simple pearl necklace is all the satisfaction a woman needs.

Now, that all being said, you can also just appreciate a nice set of surface piercings on a pretty girl.

On a side note:  Do you know how hard it was to make this post without a single pearl necklace innuendo?

9 thoughts on “The Surface of a Pearl

  1. pearl necklaces rule
    (highfive for holding back, rob)
    and that is a beautiful concept. strung from the nape would be pretty cool.

  2. @San: I agree, but they were submitted as surface piercings so they may be intended to stay in longer than a play session. Or they simply were submitted to the wrong gallery.

  3. To me, surface piercings like these, that probably intend to stay in for a few days don’t fit into what I would categorize as play piercings which normally are removed within an hour of being inserted.

  4. Damn guys you think this is cool you should see her other stuff it blows this away.

    P.S. I’m so proud of you Sweetpea.

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