It is Friday, after all…

Don’t thank me, thank the always lovely Dirtbag_Danae. Oh ok, you can thank me too!


Yup, this post was simply gratuitous sexy. You’re welcome!

29 thoughts on “It is Friday, after all…

  1. THANKS!


  2. I wish I were pretty enough to get an apprenticeship, then quit, then get another one, then quit, then get another one, then quit, then get another one… 😉

  3. Dear Kai,
    Danae is my apprentice, and she works very hard. I did not hire her based on her looks…and as her boss, I do not appreciate that assumption. While that is not only disrespectful to her, it is also incredibly disrespectful to me and my studio. Before you post in public forums, perhaps you should be aware of the entire situation instead of believing 2nd and 3rd party information. Please consider the outcome before you potentially write something hurtful.

  4. I take offense to this for a lot of reasons, one of them being the fact that I was a girl in this industry and I know what is to not be taken seriously based on solely your gender. I hold both Micah and Danae very close to my heart and as someone who has had conversations with both of them about EXACTLY that assumption, it’s mind blowing to me that someone who knows nothing has the guts to put a statement such as that out in the open for everyone to read. Then again, you did it anonymously, so bravo. Not only are you insulting Danae as a woman and a professional, you are also insulting Micah and implying he is taking advantage of her. Micah is amazing at what he does and he loves his job more than anything in this world, thus it is only natural that he take on an apprentice who feels the same about the body piercing business. They are both passionate and dedicated individuals and them working together is perfect. Danae is meant to be doing this and she is working and has worked harder than anyone I know to make it happen. Anyone who thinks otherwise has clearly not had the pleasure of having either of these individuals in their lives on a personal level.

  5. Thanks Micah for speaking up! Much appreciated! People should know facts before they assume they know what’s going on!

  6. She looks great! What does her chest piece say?

    And @KaiSmith- Ugly is more than skin deep and jealousy is ugly! Use that energy to get somewhere in your own life instead of having a go at someone else for achieving an apprenticeship! And sticking a smiley after something mean does not make it cute, how old are you?

  7. wow. someones pussy really hurts today.
    while yeah micah you might be right, the comment made is second or third party, my comment isnt second or third party.
    wow i wish i were cute enough to get an apprenticeship and then quit……………

    it happens,
    ios this one of those situations? well you dont really know, do you. you know about your hiring of the individual.
    for all you know kai smith might know about other instances, for which you only have second or third party info.
    everyone should shut up and say hey, that chick is fucking hot, i would like to poke it to her.
    hell i might even give her a job

  8. Hilarious! As if getting an apprenticeship has anything to do with being a babe! Kai, sorry you’re jealous! FYI being a piercer isn’t very glamorous, and if you wanted an apprenticeship as bad as Danae, you’d have one…or three. Danae, you’re SUCHA BABE! Thanks for making the piercing industry look a little hotter. 😉

  9. For as long as I’ve known Danae, which has been about 6 years, she’s been passionate about 3 things, the people she loves, punk rock, and body modification. Yes she is gorgeous, on the inside and out, but I promise you that it’s her passion and dedication that gets her where she’s been and where she’s going to go. Meet me in Denver so I can drag your hating ass to Chicago and Danae can show you how she puts in work.

  10. Who gives a fuck how she did ANYTHING?? Concern yourself with your OWN credibility before attacking anyone else’s! She’s a babe. Thats all this is. Go do something positive for yourself and maybe you wont have time to focus on anyone else.

  11. i am not speaking to this specific person, or to their credibility, i know the mrs, shes a cool lady, all im saying is that if cute girls dont acknowledge that they get things /opportunities/jobs/ and treatment that is different than slampigs, theyre either stupid, or just kidding yourself.
    theres a reason every magazine cover model is hot, theres a reason every bartender isnt a 300lb beast. if you people dont think that looks get you places in life, youre fucking delusional.
    i worked with the girl, she puts in her time, she does work. i can say that for her, but if she were a fucking 5’4 landbeast, she would have half the opportunities she has.
    its life, deal with it

  12. I was about to ask where the lobes did go, too.
    Luckily, they’re fine. I don’t know if I could cope with the loss.

    Also, I think Jimmie is right.
    But, a charming, funny, sexy person with average looks will probably achieve more than a complete idiot with a pretty face.

    (Okay, Kate Moss is an exception).

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