Alas, poor Yorick!

When I first saw this photo, sent in by Eiji, my first reaction was WOW. I love how the yellow in the spiders pops against the muted gray of the skull. This tattoo really grabs your attention! Unfortunately I don’t know who the artist is that did it but I have to say, hats off to them. From what I gather, Eiji is a Japanese tattoo artist with incredible talent. The shading in the skull is beautiful as well. It almost looks like a graphite drawing.


11 thoughts on “Alas, poor Yorick!

  1. This piece is so awesome, it really creeped me out because of the spiders, and especially their legs.
    Seriously, this is stunning, and like, award-winning. Wow.

  2. somebody please claim this piece!!! it’s fucking fantastic! and seriously creepy. but really, we must know who this artist is.

  3. Oh, let me make a correction here. I believe Eiji is the tattoo artist, not the wearer of this piece. Unfortunately (for me) their site (I think it is theirs anyway) is in Japanese and I can’t read it.

    Perhaps Eiji can post some contact details?

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