Let me axe you something

I know, I cringe too when I hear someone “axe” a question.   Yet seeing this newest addition to the galleries from the incredibly talented Joey Pang (Tattoo Temple in Hong Kong), made me think of things that can be axed.  I know Joey normally does her own designs, yet for some reason I feel I’ve seen this before, or possibly some variation of it.  I’m sure some of the more astute ModBlog readers will be able to find it, if it is indeed an adapted design.

Keep an eye on ModBlog this week for more of Joey’s work, including a floral piece that will blow your mind.

14 thoughts on “Let me axe you something

  1. Stylistically it reminds me a lot of the graffiti artist Banksy. Never saw a piece from him like this, but that’s what it made me think of.

  2. @Paul, that’s what I was thinking as well, well that or from some 70s exploitation film poster. But after hours of searching I came up with nothing.

  3. And by that I mean that it looks like a stencil-laid graffiti-tag.

    (And by that I mean that it looks great.)

  4. oh rob, you ruin your own jokes by continuing to talk when you really don’t need to. The title would have been good enough on its own for this one.

  5. The cartoon was “stolen” from 60′s “Playboy” magazines….
    it’s called a Femlin, and they were used in the letters and advice columns.

  6. It just makes me think about this guy i know who compares having sex with a girl who is on her period to f***ing an axe wound.

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