The spider in the flower of life

IAM: Sleazy sent in this image of his newest addition.  It’s a dot-work flower of life, framed by a spider’s web.  Physically it fits his head really well, and the design is well executed.  It seems that the flower of life seems to be a common design choice when paired with dot-work, and it’s easy to see why.  The chaos of the dots coalescing into a universal design creates a sense of order where there is none.  The framing of the web, at least to me, appears to be what is holding the flower inside.  Internally there is both chaos and order, held together only by the smallest of threads.

Fil from Broad Street Studio in Bath is the artist.

14 thoughts on “The spider in the flower of life

  1. I guess it’s just the spiders web that kills it for me! the stipple work behind it is really nice!

  2. the red web has an appeal of anarchist feel, the scratched, etched like lines imply a freehand punk appeal, which frames the fine detail of the stippled dots

  3. the dotworks a bit scratchy as well as the red web but if thats the effect youre goin for than good for you!

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