The mods on the man behind those other mods we featured

You can hardly go a week without seeing the name Efix pop up here. What can I say, the man does beautiful work and he takes the time to submit the images to BME. Yet this post isn’t about the beautiful work he does, it’s about the beautiful work he wears.

When I saw this tattoo as an avatar on the main page of IAM, I clicked it without even noticing the name. I just wanted to see this bright beautiful tattoo in a bigger picture. Then I noticed who it was on, shot him a message and asked his permission to use it. He gladly obliged and let me know his entire torso, throat and arms were  done by Jay Marceau of Quebec City Canada.


18 thoughts on “The mods on the man behind those other mods we featured

  1. I think I can see the depths of hell in this piece, and everything is beautiful down there.
    Eh, weird comments aside: LOVELY PIECE.

  2. I’m so glad he chose to go OVER his nipples, unlike so many others. It just looks so much smoother, more complete.

  3. bright and beautiful indeed! When I was supposed to pick him up at the DFW airport once and asked how he looked like I was told “oh don’t worry, he’s pretty short but you won’t miss him in a crowd – tell him to just raise his arms, their color will stand out a mile”. And that proved to be an accurate description :). Nice to see him featured here for a change, although his work is amazing also!

  4. Scrolling down the page, my first thought upong seeing this photo was “Hey, I used pieces of these tattoos in a collage.”

  5. Excellent, brilliant work. I like the way the work sweeps over and includes his nipples.
    Fandabbydozey (or brilliant for those outwith the ‘Krankies’ circle!!).

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