The Bloody Guess What Game (Results)

Today’s game was a little messy, and quite a bit bloody, but now it’s time to really see where all this blood is coming from.  Before we get to the results, let’s take a quick look back at today’s game.

Round one

Round 1

Round two

Round 2

Round three

Round 3

With today’s themed game, you can pretty much assume that the full photos are going to be portraying some risky behaviours.  Consider this your warning if you have any problems with that.

And with that, time is up, keep on reading to see how you did.

Now a few people guessed that the first round was of a penis, or possible ball nailing.  Well they got the nailing part right, just the wrong part of the body.  From the male torture gallery comes a photo of one man’s nipple torture session.

Round 1

With round two, the blood was certainly flowing.  Although there was no physical body part shown, all that blood did have to come from somewhere, and in this case it was from Yoshi’s partial subincision.

Round 2

For round three I went back a little bit to some photos sent in a while ago by lucyneckface.  One of the photos was previously featured on ModBlog, but with this shot it gives you a better look at the effect lucyneckface and the photographer were going for.  It should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, bloodplay is extremely dangerous behaviour and shouldn’t be done by anyone that doesn’t know all of the risks involved, especially in a situation like this where the intent was to create a “blood fountain”.

Round 3

So, how did you do?  I don’t expect to get too many perfect scores, especially considering how little skin was actually shown in the cropped photos.

Also, what did you guys think of the themed game?  Would you want more like this, or should I just stick to the normal images?

For those interested in seeing more photos from these galleries, sign up today for a BME membership.

20 thoughts on “The Bloody Guess What Game (Results)

  1. must agree that the cropping of the images was a bit weird.. there’s no way anyone would be able to tell what part of the body it was on because there was hardly (if any) skin showing. i still had fun trying to guess though. thanks rob! :)

  2. I still don’t understand why there needs to be 4 separate posts for each of these. What’s wrong with the classic guess what, then click through to find out?

  3. I love it, the man has just cut right into his junk, and everybody is going on about how badly taking that bandaid off is gonna hurt. Awesome. Should totally ask that dude, “Which hurt worse? The subincision, or the bandaid removal?”

    I’ve always thought that ModBlog needed more blood. Keep up the good work! Gold star!

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