A Holiday Poem From BME

Happy Holidays to all of our readers!
Here is a nice photo to set the mood. Artist credit goes to Michael Kozlenko in Tel Aviv.



Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the land
Not a scalpel was carving, not even some glans.
The rigging was hung from the ceiling with care,
In hopes that Falkner soon would be there.

The clients were happy with new snugs in their ears,
While they sat at the bar, satisfied with their beers.
“A few days off are nice” Said Coyote with a smile.
Unfortunately he hadn’t updated ModBlog in a while.

When out of the blue, after holidays came
He had some free time to showcase some pain
Back to the galleries! He said with excitement.
Finding new photos gave him tons of enjoyment

More implants! More piercings! More cutting and branding!
New updates! New interviews! New pictures soon landing!
You could tell Coyote’s promise was sincere
and ModBlog should be in for a hell of a New Year!

Can you see it?

The full body suit gallery was updated over the weekend to include this anonymous gentleman.  While I was admiring his commitment and the work of Jolene from Inkspired in Winsford, UK, something shiny caught my eye.  Can you spot it?

Granted it was harder to see them in the thumbnail.  Be sure to visit the galleries to see his entire suit, just click the picture of him below.

Back in Black

IAM:Braden has put a lot of time into getting his suit completed, and now that he’s reached his goal, it’s time to show it off.  Here’s what Braden has to say about his experience…

Here’s what I have learned from the tattoo process, so far.  At least when it comes to a full suit, it isn’t important whether you have the whole tattoo project visualized in advance.  With a full suit, it’s far, far, far more important to find an artist whose work you revere than it is to decide on a design or theme.  I learned that, for me, finding the artist was the key to the entire project.  I’m not an artist.  I can barely draw a circle so I’m not the best judge of how to design a full suit.  But I decided to stop waiting for a design inspiration to hit me and I started looking at artist’s portfolios.

Since I had some excellent Tahitian black work done in Hawaii which covered both of my legs from the knees, down, I thought it would be a good idea to stick with the tribal theme I started and keep that theme as the basis for the suit.  I didn’t want solely a tribal suit, I wanted a dense design but one mixed with some colorful Japanese style snakes  encircling each thigh with a bold dragon back piece.  The sleeves and the abdomen should also have a touch of color.  Mixing those two themes, tribal and Japanese, requires the skill of a talented artist.  I found the right artist who also happened to be South African, so much of my tribal work has this African bushman thing going on.  It combines well with the Tahitian tribal black work and both black styles complement the Japanese elements with snakes and dragon body parts all crawling in and out and over and under the tribal elements.

The artist worked with me to make sure that the designs complemented my physique by working the design to accommodate muscle and bone structures.  This is why I believe it’s essential to find the right artist.  Once I found him, we talked about the idea and he asked me if I had any specific designs in mind.  I told him that I had no designs in mind, at all.  He was to be in complete charge of the art with total freedom of design.  By the way, the artist was totally cool with this!  I do believe he actually looks forward to our sessions as much as I do.

So, my advice is to forget about trying to decide on a design.  If you already have a design in mind, share it with the artist…then, turn him loose and give him the freedom to transform you.  For me, it has been a great experience, so far, and I believe it will come to an excellent conclusion.

Shedding his skin

NoMan Pan is well known for his many transformations over the years.  His latest incarnation is an extension of his western diamondback rattlesnake metamorphosis.  He is now Eva Medussa, and is here showing off his completed half body suit.  The next stage is to begin the shading and coloration of the scales, as well as the outline for his lower half.

The BMEShop is having a sale right now!


Just use the code 30offbme when you check out!

Part man, Part machine, All hotness

It might be hard to believe based on this photo, but Efix is actually a pretty shy guy.  Which is why I expect a phone call in an hour or so from him asking me to take this down.  Sorry buddy, but someone of your hotness deserves to be adored by the masses.

This photo was taken at the last Sydney Tattoo Expo where Efix took second place for best biomechanical tattoo.  The man behind Efix’s incredible tattoos is Jay Marceau who works with Efix out of D-Markation in Quebec City.

The mods on the man behind those other mods we featured

You can hardly go a week without seeing the name Efix pop up here. What can I say, the man does beautiful work and he takes the time to submit the images to BME. Yet this post isn’t about the beautiful work he does, it’s about the beautiful work he wears.

When I saw this tattoo as an avatar on the main page of IAM, I clicked it without even noticing the name. I just wanted to see this bright beautiful tattoo in a bigger picture. Then I noticed who it was on, shot him a message and asked his permission to use it. He gladly obliged and let me know his entire torso, throat and arms were  done by Jay Marceau of Quebec City Canada.


It’s all about the angle

I am sure modblog reader are familiar with “the myspace angle”, you know, the one where people hold the camera way up high and photograph themselves below. That angle has been proven to be able to take off well over a hundred pounds if used correctly. In a similar fashion photographers often take pictures looking up at there subject, therefore creating the illusion of the subject towering over them.

Well that is exactly what photographer Simon Jacobs did when photographing Dave Bastard for this picture. You see I knew Dave on IAM years before meeting him. From his pictures I thought he was a giant beast of a man, boy was I shocked to see he was just a few inches above oompa loompa height!


Don’t let his small stature fool you though; with his extensive tattooing, muscular physique and extensive gun collection he is one bad ass MoFu! He is also one of the best blackwork tattoo artist in North America, a continent that often overlooks top notch blackwork by stigmatizing it as “tribal”. Check out Dave and his wife Lea’s work here.