A Holiday Poem From BME

Happy Holidays to all of our readers!
Here is a nice photo to set the mood. Artist credit goes to Michael Kozlenko in Tel Aviv.



Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the land
Not a scalpel was carving, not even some glans.
The rigging was hung from the ceiling with care,
In hopes that Falkner soon would be there.

The clients were happy with new snugs in their ears,
While they sat at the bar, satisfied with their beers.
“A few days off are nice” Said Coyote with a smile.
Unfortunately he hadn’t updated ModBlog in a while.

When out of the blue, after holidays came
He had some free time to showcase some pain
Back to the galleries! He said with excitement.
Finding new photos gave him tons of enjoyment

More implants! More piercings! More cutting and branding!
New updates! New interviews! New pictures soon landing!
You could tell Coyote’s promise was sincere
and ModBlog should be in for a hell of a New Year!

Shedding his skin

NoMan Pan is well known for his many transformations over the years.  His latest incarnation is an extension of his western diamondback rattlesnake metamorphosis.  He is now Eva Medussa, and is here showing off his completed half body suit.  The next stage is to begin the shading and coloration of the scales, as well as the outline for his lower half.

The BMEShop is having a sale right now!


Just use the code 30offbme when you check out!

Part man, Part machine, All hotness

It might be hard to believe based on this photo, but Efix is actually a pretty shy guy.  Which is why I expect a phone call in an hour or so from him asking me to take this down.  Sorry buddy, but someone of your hotness deserves to be adored by the masses.

This photo was taken at the last Sydney Tattoo Expo where Efix took second place for best biomechanical tattoo.  The man behind Efix’s incredible tattoos is Jay Marceau who works with Efix out of D-Markation in Quebec City.

The mods on the man behind those other mods we featured

You can hardly go a week without seeing the name Efix pop up here. What can I say, the man does beautiful work and he takes the time to submit the images to BME. Yet this post isn’t about the beautiful work he does, it’s about the beautiful work he wears.

When I saw this tattoo as an avatar on the main page of IAM, I clicked it without even noticing the name. I just wanted to see this bright beautiful tattoo in a bigger picture. Then I noticed who it was on, shot him a message and asked his permission to use it. He gladly obliged and let me know his entire torso, throat and arms were  done by Jay Marceau of Quebec City Canada.


It’s all about the angle

I am sure modblog reader are familiar with “the myspace angle”, you know, the one where people hold the camera way up high and photograph themselves below. That angle has been proven to be able to take off well over a hundred pounds if used correctly. In a similar fashion photographers often take pictures looking up at there subject, therefore creating the illusion of the subject towering over them.

Well that is exactly what photographer Simon Jacobs did when photographing Dave Bastard for this picture. You see I knew Dave on IAM years before meeting him. From his pictures I thought he was a giant beast of a man, boy was I shocked to see he was just a few inches above oompa loompa height!


Don’t let his small stature fool you though; with his extensive tattooing, muscular physique and extensive gun collection he is one bad ass MoFu! He is also one of the best blackwork tattoo artist in North America, a continent that often overlooks top notch blackwork by stigmatizing it as “tribal”. Check out Dave and his wife Lea’s work here.

Thank you for not censoring his butt

I’m not sure if any of you have noticed but there are a lot of photos on BME of body suits or back pieces where the person who submitted the photo put a black bar across their buttcrack. To me this actually brings more attention to the fact that a buttocks was even in the photo so I was pleasantly surprised when Diau Chuan, the artist responsible for the tattoos below, didn’t stop us from having our daily dose of rear end nudity.


Dreams Come True

And with that, ModBloggers, we bid adieu to Tuesday, with professional waver Bluetat doing said bidding on our behalf. What’s the secret to looking as happy as our friend up there, you ask? According to him: “Spend 13 years or so getting tattooed blue, then post stupid poses of yourself with a mannequin named ‘Baby-May-Sue’ on the Internet.” Hey, whatever works! If you’re going to try that, though, make sure you go to an artist as capable as Matt at Westside Tattoo in Westend, Queensland, Australia, who’s handled about 80 percent of what you see above—and also, what you see below. As in, you know, after the jump.