Epic is pretty much the only word you can use to describe the art of Boris Vallejo.  Between him and the late Frank Frazetta, fantasy novels have had incredible cover art for decades.  Now if you’re not a fantasy reader, you might recognize his style from the National Lampoon movie posters, or for our younger readers, the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie.  This replication of Boris’ “Full Moon” was done by Erika Doyan, from Living Colour Tattoo in Ottawa, ON.

Obviously you’ll be able to check out this and other tattoos like it in the fantasy tattoo gallery.

6 thoughts on “Epic!

  1. My childhood is now complete. This is so far past awesome that a new word will have to be invented.

  2. Epic sums it up pretty well. Not something I would get done, but a stunningly well executed piece.

  3. Beautiful work. It’s too bad about his leg being wonky though. It reminds me of a badly photoshopped advertisement. The distant between his hip and knee on the back leg is insane with crazy angles and it doesn’t line up.

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