The Crucifixion

When one thinks of a crucifixion, the image of Jesus normally pops into their head.  Not because of any religious beliefs, but simply because of the association that has been around for centuries.  To this day there are still crucifixions being used as a form of execution, most often in countries where religion is tied to those in power.  When it comes to suspensions, the crucifix suspension evokes the image of a person being crucified, which inevitably draws comparisons to other crucifixions.  We’ve talked before about how suspending can be a spiritual experience, so to say it could have religious significance to some isn’t that much of a leap.

Now when it comes to suspensions as part of a photoshoot, that imagery can be played up, as is the case with these photos sent in by our Russian friend Arseniy.  We’ve seen his suspension photoshoots before, and he continues to produce fantastic images.  You’ll have to use the clickthrough to see the pictures as there are some naughty bits.

You can check out more photos from the shoot in the suicide suspension gallery, as we don’t have a crucifixion gallery.

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