The City of Sin

When it comes to kick-ass sleeves, you don’t have to look very far if you’re in Linz, Austria.  That’s where Martin from Studio 74 crafted this amazing tribute to the film adaptation of Frank Miller’s Sin City.  Now you’ll find it in the cartoon gallery, but that’s just because there’s no movie or comic gallery.  By the looks of it, the inner forearm has a picture of Jackie Boy, but I have no idea what’s inside the upper arm.

10 thoughts on “The City of Sin

  1. I’ll ask her having lunch but I think on the inside arm are Gail at the top, then Marv and Kevin on the wrist. A beautiful girl, with beautiful sleeves.

  2. Miller. Not Millar. Frank Miller. Not Mark Millar. Miller – the Sin City Guy. Millar – the Kick Ass Guy.

  3. Really long time, since i’ve seen some
    work of my country *yeeeahii* looks fantastic! :)

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