The Guess What Game (Results)

Time’s up!  It’s time to see how everyone did.  But before we get to the results, lets get a quick recap of today’s game.

Round 1

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 3

Any final guesses?  Now’s the time.

To see the results, you know what to do…

So for today’s first round, you’re going to need multiple pictures to truly understand what you’re seeing.  Nonippleboy sent in a series of photos of his nipple nullification.  Now unlike other nipple removals, he was only interested in removing the nipple itself, while leaving the aerola intact.  To achieve this, he first tied off his nipple and areola with an elastic to stretch them out.  He then punctured the tip of his nipple with a dermal punch, then scalpelled off the remaining tissue.  Because of the stretching of the aerola, when the elastic was removed, the wound became fairly small.  As you can see in the second picture, although there is a bit of a scab, the end result is a smooth areola.  If you have a BME Hard membership, be sure to check out the nipple nullification gallery, as he put up a detailed account of everything he did.

Just after the nipple was removed.

Partially healed

Now after round one going pretty hard, let’s dial it back a notch with a 3-way industrial/outer conch piercing by VernK from Ascension Body Mod in Albuquerque, NM.

Round 2

Finally we have round three, which as some of you have probably guess was indeed a genital piercing.  Now after discussing this with several people, I honestly couldn’t come up with a name for this.  My first instinct was that it was a killer whale or some other form of really deep PA, but with the addition of the subincision and the entry point being in the area of a urethral reroute, it didn’t really fit.  The closest name I would take a guess at calling it would be an anglerfish, simply because the title of the photo had the word “angler” in it, and it somewhat resembles an anglerfish.  Of course on top of that piercing you obviously have the subincision as well as multiple other piercings.  Quite the interesting project.

Round 3

Well that’s it for this week’s game.  Any perfect scores this week?  Feel free to brag away.

60 thoughts on “The Guess What Game (Results)

  1. So /that’s/ what the inside of a nipple looks like… Huh.

    I’m as confused about that last one as you are… O.o

    1/3? Bleh. Haha.

  2. I have been reading modblog for many years now, I have never actually thrown up from looking at a article but round 3 realllllly got to me! One of the sickest things I’ve ever seen in my life.

  3. Last picture looks like a piece of popcorn with an awkward shape. But..with skin…and not a popcorn kernal.

  4. I typically like the look of subinscisions and heavy genital mods….but that one’s kinda freaky. I think it’s the lumpiness of everything……It kinda reminds me of BRAINS!

  5. That last one is the first type in a long while I’ve had to let out an audible gasp of horror because of a picture on the internet

  6. Holy shit, whhhyyyyyyyy

    I don’t say that to a lot of things on modblog, but it looks like he turned his penis/balls into roadkill

  7. I think the comments clearly show why we need more content on modblog like the last photo.
    I don’t have rose tinted glasses on, nor will I throw around unfounded “how you have fallen” type shit, but it really can feel like hot topic in here at times.
    Rob, nice choices. All of them.

  8. @meow: I don’t know about roadkill. I see it as his penis is throwing it’s arms up in the air and shouting “Surprise!”. And the anglerfish is the wang of his penis man.

  9. Didn’t get any of them right.

    Got stuck looking at number 3 cthulhu penis for about 5 minutes…..

  10. My question about the last one is rather or not it still has the ability to get hard? Would love to see something like this in person and from different angles.

    Round one by the way freaks me out and not much can do that anymore.

  11. Wow from the amount of negative comments on number three you would think it was the man with the number of things inserted into his penis a few guess what’s ago. I was actually not very disturbed by number three… In fact, when I get over that it is a penis, it’s kind of aesthetically pleasing…

    And i got 0/3 :C

  12. 0/3… And it’salso for me the first time since a long while, that I was really shocked by an BME-pic… That looks so fragmented, quite like an badly healed severe accident, not so much like a planned mod. #17: Cthulhu-penis hits it well…

  13. It’s strange how number 3 doesn’t freak me out at all…

    I can’t look at a pierced banjo string or nipple piercings without getting all squeemish and feeling sick. But i can’t bring myself to look AWAY from number 3. Totally fascinating! The lumps further down the shaft confuse me a little as to how they developed, but to me it looks more like a flower blooming than roadkill. Kudos to the man! And maby a bit more info it? Would love to know more.

  14. Mutilate:

    transitive verb
    : to cut up or alter radically so as to make imperfect
    : to cut off or permanently destroy

  15. “One of the sickest things I’ve ever seen in my life.” “roadkill” “do you hate your penis?” “abomination”

    The only thing disgusting here is the attitudes of some people.
    Why do you even bother to moderate the comments if you are going to let filth like this through.

    It’s not even like they are badly worded questions, just people being offensive for no reason.
    If you cannot convey that you dislike the aesthetics of something without being plainly rude, or just stupid “did it died?” perhaps you could do us all a favour leave your bile in your head rather than spilling it all over a keyboard.

    Hey person with the wild looking genitals in the last photo. I hope the comments don’t get to you.
    Unless You are not happy with how it is (undesired results, frustration with a part you hate, etc) it is certainly something you should be proud of. It’s pretty unique.

    Regardless of the comments, I am sure that I am not the only one who would like to know more about it.
    Maybe you could post here with a fake name and answer some questions? It would definitely be appreciated. :)
    (Reason, if any for the mods? Procedures done? How happy you are with the result and if it was all intentional? Any more work planned? for example)

  16. hulld – We only moderate first time posters. Unfortunately most of the people leaving crappy comments are not first time posters so they were never moderated, they just went right up. It’s unfortunate that people choose to leave crappy comments when this is BME and it’s people like the ones who submit these photos who keep the site alive.

    Hopefully they know that there are lots out there who appreciate their photos and the submissions and BME certainly appreciates them submitting them.

    I kind of wish all comments were moderated and I kind of wish I could just not allow people to post unnecessary rudeness. I’m not saying I’d bring down the censor hammer but I’ve always felt there was no need to allow posts to go through if the post is simply an insult to the person in the photo and I still feel that way.

  17. @Jen
    I was not aware that it was only first time posters who were moderated. I attacked you guys there, it was unfounded and I am genuinely sorry about that. I hope you understand the reasons for it were not any malice. Wrongly believing that everything was moderated and some of the comments had me admittedly hot under the collar. It was neither justified, nor am I trying to justify it. Sorry :)

    Thank you for the reply. :)

  18. @hulld and jen: I have to agree. I think it’s a shame that people who are often quick to defend their own mods (stretched ears, nose rings, even more widely known genital mods) can’t fine the time to think about how their posts sound when the image is a little more experimental or intense. I wasn’t moved to audible shock by this picture, but it did throw me a bit, and still I don’t feel the need to be rude.

    To the owner of this mod: I second what hulld said before: I’d really like to know more about this. It’s certainly striking, and maybe people wouldn’t react so harshly after finding out your intentions behind it, and what your goals are/were.

  19. Oh here we go again. This isn’t a loving, coddling environment. It never has been. Maybe people in general were more accepting when intense mods were posted much more frequently, but that’s to be expected. Now that they’re posted less frequently, you have to expect some kind of surprised reaction to them. I mean, this dick is pretty unique. Of course it wasn’t going to receive entirely positive reactions,.

    If you submit your pictures for publication in a forum setting, you have to know that you might receive some criticism. If you can’t handle it, you shouldn’t be uploading anything for others to judge. People judge – it’s human nature. If this person didn’t have the balls to deal with shocked opinions from other people, he probably wouldn’t have had the balls to slice up his genitals until they were barely recognizable.

  20. I give him props because if I has a weinis I wouldn’t be brave enough to do half of what he’s done, I still wanna know just some basicish questions, like:
    Does it have altered sensations?
    Is it more sensitive?
    How much action does it get?
    What led you to these specific mods?

    My mind is a giant ball of questions on this one. The mind of Roo is general is a ball of unanswered questions…

  21. @meow
    My issue here is not that people are shocked, disgusted, or otherwise dislike the mods shown.
    Some of the comments (stated or) implied a ‘wrongness’ with the modification or were just rude. It is pretty unusual and I personally see no problem with saying it looks like “badly healed severe accident” because it does look like there could have been complications. Saying it’s like “dr zoidbergs face” is just a comment on how it looks. Neither of those are outwardly rude. Calling it an “abomination” is very different.

    I could be mistaken here but I always thought that bme was about sharing knowledge, experiences, information and having a community revolving around body modification and not showing off and being judged like at a dog show. Of course people will judge others. It should be expected and I am not suggesting everything be sifted through to make sure it is 100% politically correct, But you also have to expect people to speak out against it, especially so when they consider it offensive.

    Some of us sure are masochists, but expecting people to contribute while under the fear of a tirade of abuse and with nobody sticking up for them is just daft.

  22. I personally find the third photo fascinating, and wonder, like others have, can it get hard?
    Really amazing, though, serious dedication.

    Also 0/3 -_-

  23. Er, well, not _can_ it, because I’m sure it can and does.. but just.. HOW DO YOU MAKE THE BEAST WITH TWO BACKS?

  24. ear stretching, septum piercing, tongue ring, tattoos etc. have all become fairly mainstream, but genital mods are still considered taboo, thus the conflict between the mainstream modification community and “outsiders” who practice forms of modification that are considered extreme.

  25. #3 is hard to look at, but that’s on me, not the owner. It does make me very curious and I too would love to read more about it, sensations and the like.

  26. hulld – No need to apologize though it’s funny because it seems to consistently moderate some but it’s meant to just moderate the first posts. I guess maybe if a person is changing IPs that would account for the seeming inconsistency. I try not to let anything excessively offensive through because I just don’t see a need for it but I can also say that none of the posts that were simply insulting hit the moderation queue since I’m the one that approves the comments.

    Meow – These people did not submit their images for a public forum. In the case of BME Hard images, people submitted them for private viewing by those with Hard memberships to BME. We choose to share some of those images in a more public way to show others what’s available on BME, to incite discussions and otherwise just appreciate body modifications. ModBlog is absolutely a part of BME and I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect fans of BME to show some respect. You don’t have to love it but I don’t ever see the need for insults.

    Personally I don’t think there’s ever an excuse for being an ass towards others and I don’t expect that people will be rude, should be rude or have any right to be rude. There’s nothing wrong with curiosity. There’s nothing wrong with shock. There’s nothing wrong with healthy debate over certain topics. There is, however, something wrong with insulting people even if you do it over the internet. If people don’t know that then they weren’t raised very well.

    I’m not sure the person who submitted the last photo reads ModBlog and I’m also pretty sure that they’re not a native English speaker so they may not actually be able to communicate answers to the questions if they do see them. I can’t remember offhand but I’m pretty sure they’re not from a country that uses English as a native language.

  27. Also given that Rob has been posting these Guess What posts every week and that the majority of the photos come from BME Hard, these types of images are actually published more frequently than they were before, not less frequently.

  28. more frequently than Modblog 1.0? nah I don’t think that’s accurate. And I’m talking about the really unique and intense mods not just “oh hey that dude has his penis pierced and he’s constricting his balls.”

    If you submit photos to BME, they can end up on modblog. So if someone really wants his or her pictures to stay private, submitting it would be not such a great idea. But since he took pictures and uploaded them to the internet, I’m kind of guessing he didn’t want/expect them to stay private.

    Some of the comments here are worse than usual objections, yes, but I think that just goes hand in hand with how extreme the mod is. I, for example, posted my honest first reaction to seeing this penis. And I didn’t even mean it insultingly. I meant that it looks like roadkill because it’s split apart and looks flattened and deformed (and I mean the definition of the word not the negative connotation). When I said “why” I literally meant “why?”

    Why would someone do this? I have absolutely no idea, so I’d like to be enlightened. Sure it came out badly as most of the less-positive comments did, but that was an initial shock reaction.

    I still think if people are going to get offended and hurt by shock reaction comments, they should stick to keeping their mods private or shown only to a small group of like-minded people. Unfortunately for them, modblog is not going to be all like-minded people because not all of us like the really extreme stuff.

  29. Even if you like extreme stuff… you always have borders, beyond them you are shocked. Doing stuff extreme enough to get images also a few times to BME-extreme, I also had access for an extended period. And there are not a lot of things I ever said “shock and strongly dislike”. Destruktive torture play belongs to it. Watched once… curiosity killed the cat – never there again. But healed up mods? Never shocked me till that one here.

    It is healed, well healed, but honestly, the form and strukture looks alost like being freshly blown up. I like more or less every non-destruktive bodymod (no fan of amputations, I respect it, but I’m not a fan of that), and this one is non.destructive. I am sure the sexuality works perfect. But in my eyes that one looks plain ugly, faking destruction…

  30. #3 is not aesthetically pleasing to me, but who cares? I’m not seeking to be his girlfriend, why should I care what his dick looks like? How does his modified cock affect me in any way at all? It doesn’t, so life moves on for both of us.

    As for whether he can get hard or not – I think he is? Based on the way he is sitting, and the way his penis is pointing, I think this is an erection. As for whether or not he can have sex – sure he can. Maybe not missionary style intercourse, but sex is possible in many ways beyond penis-in-hole.

  31. I got 0/3 this time.

    I would like to know how #3 started his process of modifying himself,and would like to know more about him.

    There were some very rude comments posted, and without calling one person out specifically I would just like to say that everyone is deserving of common courtesy or respect. If the image is offensive to you, don’t click through when you know there is a chance of seeing altered genitals.

    If you are curious about the mods and why he got them, just ask nicely instead of being dramatic and unnecessarily vulgar or demeaning about it.

  32. While the penis is not aesthetically pleasing to me and I would love to be able to understand what led to him to want to do this… I honestly I keep looking at his skin. It is gorgeous.

  33. I actually thought this was a massively swollen vagina. It’s amazing what our bodies can withstand and adapt to.

  34. By the look of his scrotum, it kind of looks as if number 3 has been castrated, which would answer the question of how he has sex. with it – he doesn’t. Love it. Respect the commitment.

  35. I can’t help but comment on the comments. Yes, I saw the pictures. I am glad BME is here and Modblog is supposed to be a discussion forum but has been turned over to what seems like immature high school kids hiding behind the security of their parents and a computer screen. I have an “extreme” modification, a full subincision. Many guys go a lot further, splitting, bisecting, removing. That’s great for them if that’s their pleasure. Just because I don’t want to take that step doesn’t give me the right to talk crap about them. And you shouldn’t either. Open your eyes beyond the bubble that is your world, and see what’s out there. Its not all Unicorns, Rainbows and Lollipops, but there is some cool and fun stuff that’s different than you.

    This is an adult forum, so lets try acting like adults. For me, I’m mature and understand choices. If you wouldn’t say it to the person’s face, it doesn’t need to be here.

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