The lady likes to accessorize

Admit it, you’d love to walk around with 2 gorgeous BMEBoys hanging off you at all times.  There to do whatever your heart desires.  Of course it’s not often one gets to carry out that fantasy, unless of course you’re this girl…

As for the breakdown on the tattoos, they go as follows.

Shane (the gentleman with the longer hair):  All work done at Tattoo City in Wellington, NZ

David: Left sleeve by Gill, and right sleeve by Chaz and Gill, both from Gill Tattoo in NZ

Now because these photos fall into multiple galleries, which is one of the newer features to BME, your best bet is to just check them all out.

7 thoughts on “The lady likes to accessorize

  1. Her eyelids are intense! Omg are those the designer-lid whatchamacallits (omg that word was in my personal dictionary luv it!)? Because I can’t achieve that intensity even with an eyelid crayon.

  2. Oooh and of course I LOVE LOVE the BME boy action and their art work, wish we coulda gotten a closeup of Shane :-D

  3. Heh, second time lil’ ole Tattoo City has been modblogged. Feels good knowing I had work done there lol

  4. Hmmmm Shane’s work looks reasonable from what I can see. I just had some work done at Tattoo City and it was really not good at all, the shop wasn’t that nice either, and my tattooist was not a person I’d like to ever talk to again. Not a shop I’d expect to be on modblog!

    Maybe they’re just inconsistent…. :)

  5. @sophie:
    totally agree. if you’re a wellingtonian, go see jackson street tattoo in petone. nicer guys, nicer shop, in my opinion. everyone’s different though, ’cause shanes work is super good, but yeah, i felt the same.

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