Let it snow

Those of us who grew up in a climate that allowed for snowfall can probably remember a time when catching a snowflake on your tongue was a rite of passage.  Sure it may seem childish and silly now, but I’m willing to bet back when you were bundled up in your snowsuit, barely able to move your limbs, the sheer joy of trying to catch a big fluffy snowflake was the highlight of your day.

Judging by this photo, I’d say Chiiby was definitely one of those kids who loved to catch snowflakes.  Now with his horizontal tongue piercing, he’s got multiple targets to try to land a snowflake on.

The piercer for this particular tongue was Yohann from Angel Tattoo in Nice.

One thought on “Let it snow

  1. I wanted to get a double-tongue piercing. I was kinda afraid my tongue would swell too much,, and stop me from breathing though. I’m still looking into it :) I’d love it if anyone could tell me more about that “Personal Experience” stuff :D

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