It’s time to open your presents

Everyone loves opening presents.  Be it birthdays, or some form of holiday, the anticipation of not knowing what’s inside the box that’s all wrapped up with your name on it, is just a whole lot of fun.  So ModBlog, here’s a gift you get to open.  It’s addressed to BME, and without you, BME wouldn’t be around so you get the honors of opening it.  I hope you enjoy it, it’s hand made!

Open Me First!

No guessing games here, just rip into that wrapping paper to see what you’ve got!

Why it’s some cock and ball torture with a frenum piercing!  Isn’t that just what you asked Santa for?

Thank you Santa

Special thanks to gms1175 for sending this in.

20 thoughts on “It’s time to open your presents

  1. did anyone else think it was going to be a pretty lady with a play piercing bow? i do suppose two is better than one though! THANK YOU BME!

  2. “Well done on the contraption itself I say. It looks very well made”

    “The contraption” is just a couple piece of lexan, some bolts and….. a bunch of nuts! heheh…

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