The Doktor is in

When it comes to comic book tattoos, the majority of them are created in the likeness of comic book characters.  Portraits, logos, etc.  It’s not too often we see someone get a tattoo that a comic book character has, which probably has to do with there not being too many tattooed comic book characters.  Well, Warren Ellis isn’t one to stick to convention, and his Doktor Sleepless character sports a bright green grinder tattoo on his back.  Now while Combatcow’s grinder isn’t green, it is a faithful recreation of Ivan Rodriguez’ artwork.

The optical illusion part of the tattoo is pretty awesome.  Sit back and look around the picture.  You should see the gears moving around on their own.

9 thoughts on “The Doktor is in

  1. Pretty neat, but I can’t get past the fact that with three gears, that thing wouldn’t budge at all, they’d be completely locked together. Unless the bottom two aren’t actually connected, but it looks like they are.

  2. ive think ive had to much to drink… the whole picture is moving, either that or its a bloody goood illusion

  3. I didn’t get it so much for the optical illusion but I do like how it came out. I would have done it like the actual doktor, but that would have been a bit much. Unfortunately my usual go big or go home did not apply

  4. The funny thing about this picture is that the gears couldn’t turn if they had to. They are locked up.

  5. “While you wait for the real future you think you’re owed, you fuck around with your bodies like they were virtual-world avatars. You add things to them. You make them better. You treat them like characters to be improved and you grind them.”

    I’m getting the grinder symbol done on the left side of my ribs in February. Damn i love Ellis.

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