The Follow-up

This Friday Tuesday Follow-up is going to be the last one of the year, and since I’ll be on my way to the BME New Year’s Eve party on Friday, I thought I should get it to you guys and gals as soon as possible.

This week’s scar was sent in by the lovely Miss V.  At last year’s Philly Tattoo Convention, Brian sat down to carve out these honeysuckles onto V’s back.  Here’s what it looked like back then.

To see how it looks today, you know what to do.

And yes, she had just stepped out of the shower to take that picture.  Taking a look at V’s scar gallery on her IAM page, this isn’t the only scar she has that has healed beautifully.  In fact, this isn’t the only scar she has that Brian has done.  You can check out more in his BME scar portfolio.

7 thoughts on “The Follow-up

  1. what was your regimen during healing love? cuz my looks like a doodie. i mean not really, you jsut can’t really see mine anymore and that gives me sad feeling.

  2. Thanks guys…Brian (as always) did a fab job.

    Oh no Oni, I loved your scar :( For healing I kept it wrapped for just over a week…I would have done a bit longer, but my boss was getting creeped out by the crinkling sound. I washed it about 3 times a day with antibacterial soap. After about day 4 or 5 I started irritating it with hydrogen peroxide, which sucks unbelievably but works quite well. Once the wounds were healed I used a fine bristled brush to scratch at the forming scars. I also had to stretch a lot to work the scar tissue apart a little, as my back was getting tight with scar tissue.

  3. wow. This is beautiful. Scars terrify me, but i see so many gorgeous ones on here that I can get over my aversion. So absolutely gorgeous…

  4. Beautiful scar! I’ve been thinking about getting a small one over some blackwork to test the waters. Makes me kinda nervous, but if it looks anything like yours it’ll be totally worth it! Congrats :)

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