They’re getting hitched!

I heard on the radio last week that christmas eve is the #1 day of the year for wedding proposals.  Sure enough, this christmas that held true and a couple of IAM members got engaged.  Now, you’ve seen Dirk and JackeeLynn on here before, most recently in their christmas photos.  Now if you don’t know these two, not only do they send in a lot of photos to BME, but they’re also part of the Local Hookers suspension crew.  Here’s a couple of photos from their last halloween bash.  (You can find a lot more in the Local Hookers gallery).

Here’s Dirk enjoying a beer after lifting a cinderblock by his neck.  He also happens to be taking a beating from some lightbulbs.

As for Jackee, she spent the night hanging out with another Local Hooker, Inhale-Exhale.

Of course the best part of getting engaged is the story behind it.  Now I wasn’t there, but from what I understand Dirk surprised her with the ring and something else in a box…

Congrats you two!  When do I get my invitation?

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